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Albanian insurance to drive your own car. Info, stipulation, insurance cost

Albanian insurance

A road trip in Albania can often be a real challenge.
The infrastructures, still incomplete, often make the journey quite difficult. Not infrequently, you will see alternating paved roads, dirt roads, without any signs.
Obviously, the journey offers many spectacular landscapes, and really suggestive panoramic roads.

If you have decided to leave with your car, one of the aspects to take into account is certainly the Albanian Insurance.
If you try to take a look at your International Motor Vehicle Insurance Card (Green Card), you will almost certainly find a nice X next to the initials AL.
It means that you are not covered with your Insurance.

In this case, no fear. You can buy it directly upon arrival at the Albanian border.
Here, in fact, you will find one, or more representatives of the insurance companies with which you can stipulate the policy.
The cost, generally, is around 60 €, for a stay of 2 weeks.

Albanian Insurance


To take out your Albanian insurance, the following will be required:

  • Personal data of the owner of the vehicle and of the contractor (it is always preferable that the owner and driver coincide).
  • Driving license of the owner of the vehicle valid.
  • Vehicle registration number to be insured.

Of course, it is mandatory to indicate the period of stay. The insurance rate will depend on this. Keep in mind that the insurance does not cover any theft or fire. This coverage must be purchased separately, although it is not very easy to find a company, on the spot, willing to do so.

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