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Getting around Menton on foot, and by public transport. Info bus, tickets

Getting around Menton

The historic city center is almost exclusively reserved for pedestrians. Getting around Menton on foot is, therefore, the best solution. The city, however, has a very valid public transport system which, if necessary, can be quite useful.


From the Port, and from the wonderful fortress that houses the Jean Cocteau Museum, the sight of the city is truly remarkable. Anyone wishing to move to Mentone exclusively on foot can use the flight of stairs leading to Vieux Menton. Obviously, the climb could be quite tiring.

Much of the historical center is a pedestrian area. You can walk among the beautiful streets that are so reminiscent of the Ligurian carruggi.
The effort of climbing up to the Old Castle Cemetery is compensated by the absolutely fantastic view.

Getting around Menton


ZEST Transport de la Riviera Française, is an efficient network that connects 10 municipalities of the CARF agglomeration. Among these, Monaco, Roquebrune Cap Martin, Beausoleil, La Turbie and, indeed, Menton.

Public transport is particularly efficient and allows you to move around in Menton and move to suburban neighborhoods and neighboring municipalities.
Buses are recommended for occasional trips.

The network includes, in total, 6 Structural lines, 10 complementary lines and 5 Navette; the latter are identified by the letter N, and carry out only one daily travel. Furthermore, the so-called ACTIVABLES lines are added to these.
To get around Menton, you will only use the numbered buses from 1 to 10. They are in operation every day, from 06:30 approximately, up to 20:00.
Frequencies, and times, vary depending on the line.


To use ZEST buses, you can opt for two options only.

Ticket Unitaire. It costs 1.50€ and is worth 60 minutes from the first validation. It does not allow you to make the return journey. It is valid on all vehicles, except the CABBÉ-MONT GROS line.
The ticket is purchased exclusively on board the vehicle.
At merchants displaying the company’s brand, you can also purchase the carnet from 10 single travel, Titre 10 Voyages. It costs 12.50€ and includes 10 single tickets with the same characteristics as the Ticket Unitaire.

Ticket Jurnée. It costs 5€ and allows you to make unlimited travel on buses, throughout the day when the title has been validated. It can be purchased from merchants and on board the vehicle.

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