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Haddington Farmers Market, the best in Scotland. What to do, see

Haddington Farmers Market

Recognized as the most “friendly” of East Lothian markets, Haddington Farmers Market is the ideal place for anyone wishing to buy local and seasonal gifts and crafts, enjoy traditional food and drink.
Or, simply, to browse the countless stalls in the area.

At the market you can discover new products and excellent producers, and collect lots of ideas or some advice for a new recipe.
You can chat and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the place, and even let yourself be entertained by the Haddington Pipe Band which, more or less regularly, performs in the market offering traditional melodies.

Despite a very recent history, Haddington Market almost immediately gained an extraordinary reputation, and an ever-increasing number of visitors, becoming, in fact, one of the first Farmers markets established in Scotland.
A success that is explained, above all, in the extraordinary quality of the products, all coming from local producers with traditional techniques and methods.

The place, of course, contributes to success. A visit to the market is just the prelude to a trip to Haddington town center. You can stroll through the historic center, among the many independent shops, cafes and pubs. Admire the historic St. Mary’s Church, Lady Kitty’s Garden and take a stroll along the riverside.

Haddington Farmers Market in Scotland



Haddington Farmers Market, East Lothian, Court St, Haddington EH41 3JA.
The small village is located just 30 kilometers from Edinburgh, well connected by bus.
Approximately every hour, the X7 line connects the capital, from St Andrew’s House, with Huddington. The journey takes approximately 45 minutes. The bus stops at Corn Exchange, right by the market.


The market operates all year round, exclusively on Saturday mornings, from 09:00 to 13:00.
The other days it is always closed.


The market can be considered, with good reason, the Paradise of Gourmets. Among the 25 local producers, you can buy the best products of the area. External products are not allowed.
Bacon, sausages, beef, lamb, venison, eggs, fish, pate, cured meats, handmade ferments, fresh vegetables, plants, crafts, honey, ice cream, cheese, beer, gin, spirits, home baked goods, bread, cakes , pies, ready meals, soap, fruit juices, mushroom specialties, cream and Jersey butter, chutney, flour… The list is endless!


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