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Kiev. How to arrive by car, train or plane. Practical info and guide


A fascinating metropolis between past, present and future.

Of the great Soviet capitals, Kiev is probably the most beautiful. A city that preserves, almost unaltered, the heritage of the past. Squares, monuments, beautiful churches with golden domes and some pearls like Pečerska Lavra and the Cathedral of Santa Sofia, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

A city in which, the Dnipro, fits almost to perfection, offering its most fascinating and evocative side. And, in good weather, it becomes, even, a destination for bathers, ready to dive into its placid waters.

A metropolis with a very strong presence of parks and green spaces, ideal for a walk alone, or company. A lively, sparkling nightlife. A highly efficient and modern transport system.
A low cost city, with incredibly low prices.

For one weekend, or several days, Kiev is a destination that will make you appreciate.




Arriving by plane is, without a doubt, the most practical, fast and economical method. Above all coming from Western Europe. Thanks to the presence of two international airports, you can easily reach the capital of Ukraine by direct flight.

Boryspil it is the main airport of the whole country. By itself, it receives over 60% of national air traffic. It is located in the homonymous town, less than 30 kilometers from the capital. It is well connected to public transport. All the info, from this link.

Zhuliany it is just 7 kilometers away from the center. It is connected to different destinations and, although it is of secondary importance compared to Boryspil, it is an excellent alternative. More info from this link.


The whole country has undergone, in the last decade, a strong impulse of modernization in infrastructures, including the railway network.

Today at Kyïv-Pasažyrskyj, the Central station, transit several high-speed lines. However, given the shortage of direct connections with Western Europe, a train journey is not recommended for the distance and, above all, the enormity of the journey.



The sidereal distances with the main European Capitals make, almost prohibitive, a car trip to Ukraine. However, not unattainable.

Having a lot of time available for their vacation, a trip on the road by car would be very suggestive. You can cross, Poland, Slovakia or Romania, on a fascinating journey. The distance from Warsaw is about 780 kilometers. From Bucharest, it is just over 900 kilometers, while just over 1100 kilometers separate it from Budapest. Before taking a trip by car, it is advisable to take a look at our advice, through this link; many practical and useful info: markings and cartoons, speed limits, signage and much more.

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