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Toll in Sweden: congestion tax and infrastructure. Costs and info

Toll in Sweden

Traveling on the roads and motorways in Sweden does not involve any cost. Without due exceptions.
In fact, there are two particular forms of toll in Sweden: the tax on congestion and the tax on infrastructure. You will be obliged to pay these taxes only when crossing specific areas.

These are two forms of toll in Sweden which, although similar in form, were born for different purposes.


The Congestion Tax was created with the aim of reducing traffic congestion in the urban areas of the country. You pay in the areas of Stockholm and Gothenburg.
The reason? Who uses these roads, has a negative environmental impact and contributes to increasing traffic congestion. And, just for this … .. have to pay!

Toll in Sweden


The cost of the congestion fee varies according to the timetable. And it could not be otherwise, considering the very nature of this form of toll in Sweden. In the busiest hours, the price will be higher.

You will be subject to the Congestion Tax exclusively from Monday to Friday, from 06:30 to 18:29. In the other weekly time bands, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, THE TAX DOES NOT PAY.

Prices also vary depending on the area. In Göteborg, you go from a minimum of 9SEK, to a maximum of 22SEK from 07:00 to 07:59, and from 15:30 to 16:59.
In Stockholm, on the other hand, we pass from a minimum of 11SEK (from 09:30 to 14:59) to a maximum of 35SEK (from 07:30 to 08:29 and from 16 to 17:29).
These are the prices that apply to each individual control point. In fact, during a journey you could cross more than a single point. The maximum amount to which a vehicle can be subject in a single day is 60SEK in Gothenburg and 105SEK in Stockholm.


At each control point, cameras are placed. You do not have to stop. In fact, a picture is taken on the license plate of your vehicle and you will receive the invoice directly to your home.


This is a fee charged every time a new bridge, tunnel, mountain pass is built, without drawing on public money. In this case, the Infrastructure Charge serves to cover the costs of the new infrastructure. No tax can be applied to any pre-existing infrastructure built with public money.


The tax on infrastructure, you pay for the other payment of the bridges of Motala and Sundvall. Also in this case, the payment is automatic. At each checkpoint, a camera will take a photo of your car’s license plate; you will receive the invoice directly at home.

The price varies depending on the bridge and the vehicle. The toll for the cars is equal to 5SEK in Motala and 9SEK in Sundvall.

Keep in mind that all motorcycles are not subject to any toll in Sweden. They are not required to pay any tax.

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