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Getting around Tallinn by bus tram trolleybus taxi. Tickets, timetable

Getting around Tallinn

For the historic center, we move only on foot. Taxis and public transport are the ideal solution for getting around the other areas of the city.


Tallinna Linnatranspordi (TLT) manages the public transport network in the Estonian capital.

The buses connect all the districts of the capital in a capillary way. The service is in operation every day, from 06:00 to about 23:30.
Tourist lines stop in the historic center. Tourist buses are recognizable by their red color.
Four trolleybus lines, on the electricity network, connect the areas to the south and west of the capital.

In the center, the preferred way to get around Tallinn is undoubtedly the tram. The 4 lines all intersect at Viru Center, at the Hobujaama stop. All vehicles are equipped with a low floor and, therefore, perfectly accessible for people with reduced mobility, and in wheelchairs.


The bike is not a particularly suitable vehicle. There are almost no bicycle lanes. The streets are not excellent and the driving style of the Estonians are other negative points.

Getting around Tallinn


Generally, around €10 is spent for a trip around the city. Getting around Tallinn by taxi is almost always quite cheap. We usually pay just over €3 per call, and €0.50 per kilometer.
Prices may vary depending on the area and time. Prices almost doubled at night, or outside night clubs and discos.

Keep in mind that, almost always, taxis present the sticker with the license and the prices applied. Remember, however, to ask in advance for the total price of the trip. It is always preferable to book your taxi by phone, or via app. Several private agencies operate in Tallin, including Tallink, Tulika, Marabu.


To travel on Tallinn public transport, you must use a non-nominal SMARTCARD. You can top it up with money or the exact amount of electronic tickets at the kiosks.
At the first purchase, you will have to pay €2 as a security deposit, which will be refunded upon return.
Here are the tickets you can use with your smartcard:

– 1 hour. It costs €1.10 and allows you to travel on the network within 60 minutes of validation.
– 1 day. Unlimited travel during the validation day. It costs €3.00 per person.
– Three days. It costs €5.00 per person.
– 5 days. It costs €6.00 per person.

Tickets can be used on all city vehicles. Always remember to validate the ticket at the special machines, as soon as you get on the vehicle.
Alternatively, you can also buy a QR Ticket, through the official TLT app, at a cost of €1.00.
On the vehicle, however, the ticket costs €2.00 per person.

Furthermore, Tallinn is an important cruise destination, with numerous shipping companies making stops in this city. The port is a short distance from the center and can be easily reached on foot.


The bus is an excellent solution for national connections and with nearby Latvia and Lithuania. There are also connections with St. Petersburg on modern and comfortable vehicles, equipped with wifi. The journey takes about 8 hours and the fairly cheap ticket costs €30.
Lux Express, BalticShuttle, Eurolines are some companies that make connections to Tallin.

The railway connections are managed by the Elron company which offers international connections on fairly modern vehicles. The Central station is located a few kilometers from the center, easily accessible by tram.

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