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Tallinn. How to reach the Estonian capital by car, train, bus, ferry


A surprisingly beautiful city.
Young, cosmopolitan and with a wonderful, perfectly preserved historic center, Tallinn is a real surprise.
Especially for all those who first appeared in the Baltic.

A place where different styles coexist in a perfect and harmonious way. Starting from the splendid Piazza del Municipio, the real fulcrum of the city’s social life. By day, and by night, Tallinn is a small gem. Both in summer, overrun with tourists, and in winter, and particularly during the Christmas period.

The city of the Towers, of which, the most famous, bears the curious name of Kiek in de kok. The city of parks, with its numerous green lungs ideal for a walk, and to relax. Its splendid hill, which presents glimpses and really suggestive views of the Capital.
Attractions, monuments, night life. And also many international events and festivals.




The plane is the best solution to reach the Estonian capital. The international airport is only 5 km from the center, from which it is well connected by public transport.
You can reach the city by direct flight from the main European destinations.
As soon as you land, outside the building, you can use buses, trams and taxis to reach the main places of interest.


Estonia is located in the northernmost part of the Baltic. Many decide to take a journey on the road from south to north, passing through the three Baltic capitals. A journey by car is without doubt fascinating and suggestive, which develops for about 600 kilometers through the E67.
From other destinations, car travel is preferable by making at least one intermediate stop. Warsaw is almost 1000 km away.


The Estonian city, overlooking the Gulf of Finland, on the opposite side of Helsinki. The two Capitals, by sea, are less than 90 km away. Reaching the city by sea is the most suggestive way, recommended in the case of a trip from Finland.

Tallink Silja Line offers up to 6 daily connections, with average prices of € 29.50 for adults. Viking Line and Eckerö Line, on the other hand, offer 3 crossings a day; the latter, rather inexpensive, with prices from €14.50 per person.
The journey takes about 2 hours.

Furthermore, Tallinn is an important cruise destination, with numerous shipping companies making stops in this city. The port is a short distance from the center and can be easily reached on foot.


The bus is an excellent solution for national connections and with nearby Latvia and Lithuania. There are also connections with St. Petersburg on modern and comfortable vehicles, equipped with wifi. The journey takes about 8 hours and the fairly cheap ticket costs €30.
Lux Express, BalticShuttle, Eurolines are some companies that make connections to Tallin.

The railway connections are managed by the Elron company which offers international connections on fairly modern vehicles. The Central station is located a few kilometers from the center, easily accessible by tram.

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map of the city

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