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United Arab Emirates. Useful info, documents, transports custom, time

United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujaira, Ras al-Khaima, Sharjah and Umm al-Qaywayn are the seven Emirates that make up the UAE, that is, the United Arab Emirates.

Far lands, full of charm and tradition. Dubai and Abu Dhabi, represent two places of great tourist appeal. Places that in a few decades have seen luxury hotels, futuristic buildings and complexes, designer boutiques and … much more.


The plane is the only way to get from Europe and the main non-European destinations. By air, you can reach destinations such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Both cities have modern and technological airports connected with direct flights to many destinations.

The Dubai International Airport, in addition, it is the largest and most important in the Middle East, located in the Garhoud district, at 4 km northeast of the city. Abu Dhabi Airport, located about 30 km from the city, it boasts an annual passenger traffic of over 20 millions.


Generally, public transportation is ideal to move within Dubai is Abu Dhabi. Both have extremely efficient and modern services. Moving from one Emirate to another, however, is particularly discouraged.

The United Arab Emirates do not have a railway system, although in the future there has been discussion on the possible construction. Some bus lines allow you to reach nearby destinations. In this case, bear in mind that the front seats are reserved for women.

Renting a car, to move from one city to another, could be the right compromise. From this link, you can rent your car at the best price.


To reach the UAE, a passport is required, with a residual validity of at least six months at the time of travel. More precisely, the 6 months must start from the day when it is planned to leave the country.

Keep in mind that border controls have, in recent times, become much more stringent and in-depth. Pay maximum attention to imported and prohibited articles. Some newspapers or magazines could be offensive to local culture. Attention also to the drugs you carry. Some medicines that are considered over the counter in Europe may not be in the United Arab Emirates. More info, from here.

Needless to say, it is forbidden to introduce drugs. The penalties are rather severe.


The currency of the United Arab Emirates is the Dirham (AED), divided into 100 fils. In the United Arab Emirates there are no regulations on money, and all the major foreign currencies are accepted for exchange at banks and major hotels.

The Dirham’s change to the US dollar, and the EURO, is fixed. The best exchange rates are offered by the money changers that are located on the territory, in particular in the souks and shopping centers. The main credit cards are accepted everywhere. ATMs are available throughout the country. Banks are generally open from Saturday to Thursday from 8:00 to 13:00; some, even from 16:00 to 20:30.


Mosque UAE

HOUR. In the EAU there is no daylight saving time, but the same UTC offset all year. The Gulf Standard Time (GST), is UTC +4

CHAIN. The electric current is 220 and 240 volt, 50Hz. The most common spines are of the tripolar square type.

PHONE. The area code is 00971. With the recent provisions on roaming, calling from the United Arab Emirates will not result in excessive spending. Obviously, those who want to save the most, can take advantage of the WiFi present in almost all accommodation facilities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, to make VOIP calls.

MUSEUMS, RELIGIOUS SITES. The timetables within the museums and archaeological sites vary according to the place and the importance and therefore we invite you to refer to the information of our excellent guides about it. In monasteries and religious places, women with skimpy dresses, skirts, deep necklines do not enter. We always invite the utmost respect for local customs and traditions.

WOMEN. In general, Dubai is one of the best destinations in the Middle East for female travelers. Registration in hotels is usually not a problem.
Even if it is liberal, try to dress in a traditional way, out of respect for the local culture of the United Arab Emirates. Once outside of Dubai, a more conservative attitude prevails. Do not wear tight-fitting or low-cut clothes, and always sit in the back seat in taxis.
In banks, post offices and libraries there are usually separate areas or branches for women, ideal when there is a queue. In small Arab and Indo-Pakistani restaurants, women will often be accompanied in the ‘family room’. They are not obliged to sit down here, but the room will offer shelter from the looks of men.

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