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Bolzano, how to get there by plane, car, train. Connections


A city with a typically Central European atmosphere, Bolzano is a quiet, orderly and relaxing place.

Its wonderful square with the suggestive Duomo. The Fountain of Neptune, recognized as one of the most beautiful in all of Italy. Its long streets flanked by arcades, where all the history of this city is contained.

And, of course, the Dolomites, which represent almost a constant, and dominate imposingly over the whole city.

Bolzano is also the place of Christmas par excellence. Many say that its markets are the most beautiful in all of Italy.
One more reason to spend a wonderful holiday in this spectacular Italian location.




Bolzano is served by a small airport, located about 6 kilometers from the center. The number of flights is quite small and is limited exclusively to oil connections by the SkyAlps airline.
Alternative solutions are the nearby airports of Innsbruck (120 km), Verona (about 150 km), Bergamo-Orio al Serio (230 km).


Bolzano-Bozen is the most important railway station, located in the center, a few minutes’ walk from the Duomo.
Outside there is the stationing of numerous urban lines of the city.

The station is the terminus for trains on the route to Merano-Val Venosta.
The Verona-Innsbruck-Munich line also passes from here.
For Verona-Porta Nuova it takes about 90 minutes, with 4 total stops, including Rovereto. The ticket costs €14.70

It takes about 2 hours to Innsbruck HBF by EuroCity train. In total there are 4 stops.


The city is crossed by the excellent Brenner motorway (A22).
The car is a comfortable but too polluting means of transport: it is better to use the train.
Moreover, during certain periods of the year such as Christmas, reaching the center is really a challenge: take into account the traffic and the difficulty of parking. If you really want to opt for the car, you can leave it in the parking lots on the outskirts, and move later by public transport.

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