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Getting around Bangkok by taxi, bus, tuk tuk, Transit and Skytrain

Getting around Bangkok

Skytrain. Metro. Boats. Taxi. The typical tuk-tuk …
There are many alternatives for getting around Bangkok. Without forgetting the river taxis along the less frequented routes or the atoubus.

Here are the means most used by tourists for getting around Bangkok and move to the main points of interest.


Skytrain Bangkok

Skytrain is an elevated rail system that consists of three lines and a total of 61 stations.
It is undoubtedly the most popular means of transport by tourists and probably the one you will find yourself using for getting around Bangkok.
In this sense, the two green ones represent the reference point for getting around the city as they cross the most touristic points of Bangkok.
Siam (CEN) is the interchange station of the two lines.

  • The LIGHT GREEN Line (also Sukhumvit Line) crosses the city from north to south, and connects the two terminus of Khot and Kheha.
  • The DARK GREEN line (also Silom Line) starts from Petchkasem Road, crosses the Silom area and the financial district, and ends at the National Stadium (W1), right next to the MBK Center.
  • The GOLDEN Line, of particularly small size, consists of just 3 stations and serves Iconsiam.

Skytrain runs every day, from around 05:00 in the morning until midnight.


MRT is the acronym for Metropolitan Rapid Transit, that is, a rapid underground network, partly underground and partly elevated.
Compared to Skytrain, it passes through fewer tourist points, and for this reason it is less used by visitors. Among the positive notes is the presence of numerous lifts which in fact make it perfectly accessible for people with reduced mobility.

Two lines are currently in operation: the blue line and the purple line. Other lines are project.
MRT operates every day from 6 am until approximately midnight.


Getting Around Bangkok by tuk tuk

When one thinks of Bangkok’s means of transport, the first image that comes to mind for many is the mythical “tuk tuk”. These three-wheeled vehicles whiz unruly through the streets of the city, leaving behind clouds of black smoke.
Means that certainly do not go unnoticed.

If you plan to drop by, be impassive about your destination and bargain in advance on the price. Many report that all too often drivers take long, strange turns before reaching their destination.
Furthermore, you will often have difficulty speaking and making yourself understood as few already “chew” a few words in English.


Every day, on the streets of Bangkok, an average of one taxi circulates every 4/5 cars. This gives a good idea of how popular they are in the Thai capital.
Getting around Bangkok by taxi is often not the best. Especially if you don’t follow some basic rules.
Travel only and exclusively on vehicles equipped with a taximeter, making sure that it is switched on and functioning. Otherwise, give up and get on the next taxi.
Write your destination on a piece of paper (preferably in Thai, with the help of your hotel receptionist): in this way no one will be able to tell you that they have not understood the destination of your trip.
Avoid the taxis that are parked outside hotels and in the most touristy points: most of them will try to make you take long tours and take you to places where you can waste money.


There is no single ticket for getting around Bangkok by public transport. This means that you will have to use different tickets depending on the vehicle used.
Generally the fare varies according to the distance and the number of stations en route.
On Skytrain it is preferable to use the day pass which at a cost of 140 baht allows you to make unlimited journeys for the whole day.
If you want to buy single-ride tickets, get some coins because many stations have old machines that do not accept other payments.

On the Transit (Bangkok MRT) the ticket costs from a minimum of 15 baht for one station, to a maximum of 40 baht from 12 to 17 stations.
Children pay the reduced rate of 50%.

On the Chao Phraya Express Boat lines, you can buy tickets directly on the boat, in cash. Automatic machines are available in the tourist docks.

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