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Volotea Check In. Basic rules, guide, prices, boarding rules, precedences

Volotea Check In

The Volotea check in is quick and easy.
The online procedure is, as always, the recommended one, because it is FREE.
If you have bought a seat, you can download your boarding pass at any time.

Otherwise, you can do it from 4 days, up to 2 hours before departure. At the end of the procedure you will be assigned a seat and you will receive your boarding pass. It is not necessary to print it: you can show it directly from your smartphone, or tablet, with the official app of Volotea. If you have purchased multiple tickets with the same reservation, subject to availability, you will be assigned seats nearby.
Consult the official website, the airports that accept boarding passes on your smartphone; it is not always possible to do it. Otherwise, print your boarding pass in order not to incur the € 30€ surcharge!


You can choose to directly check in at the airport with Volotea. In the airports you will find the appropriate self-check-in desks to carry out the procedure. Only the reservation number and e-ticket will be required.
Please note that at the airport, check-in is not free. In fact, it costs 10€.

Volotea Check In

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In case of change or changes to your booking, remember to check in again to get a new boarding pass.
Any card, previously printed, will no longer be valid and can not be used for your departure.


If you are traveling with only hand baggage, you must present yourself at the gate with your boarding pass and ID. If you have one or more hold baggage, or sports equipment, you must present yourself at the appropriate desks. If you are traveling with animals, introduce yourself in advance, in order to make it easier to check the documents and certificates of your four-legged friend.
Equipment for children, such as pushchairs, must be presented at the desks, for labeling.


The procedure is rather simple and efficient, in line with the company’s quality standards. On boarding pass, received after Check in with Volotea, all basic information is contained: timetable, terminal, gate, area ….
The procedure typically begins 35 minutes before take-off. Schedules, however, may be subject to slight changes depending on the airport.
Prior to boarding will always be given to people with reduced mobility and families with children.

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