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Change Volotea Tickets. Info, guide, prices. How to edit name, route, flight

Change Volotea Tickets

When traveling, the unexpected is around the corner. Even just before leaving, you might, for example, have the need to change Volotea tickets.
Maybe, a change of name. Or, the destination.
Whatever your reason to change Volotea tickets, here you will find the answers and all your questions. And above all, the costs. Because, obviously, it must be worth it. In fact, it could happen that the costs to modify Vueling tickets are higher than the price of a new coupon!


The cancellation of the flight, and the relative reimbursement of the paid price, can only take place within 24 hours from the booking of a Flex fare ticket.
So, if you paid the ticket and changed your mind, you can get a full refund, ONLY making an official request before the 24 hours.
After this deadline, you can make all the changes allowed, within the established terms, but you will never receive a cash refund.


Flex is the best fare to be able to change Volotea tickets. The only one, by the way, with which you can also cancel a flight.
The cancellation must always be performed within 4 hours from the departure of the first of the booked journeys.
In this case, the passenger will get credits to be used for a future booking with the company.
Keep in mind that you will receive credits that can only be spent on traveling with Volotea, and you will not receive any money. These credits, available in your user area, have the same value as money. If you cancel a reservation from 100€, you will get the same amount in the form of credit.

How to Change Volotea Tickets

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With Volotea, you can change the names of passengers at any time.
Times and costs are different, depending on whether you purchased the standard or Flex rate.
Unfortunately, the company does not offer free modification in case of spelling errors. Pay maximum attention, therefore, when you write down the names of passengers at the time of booking!

With a standard ticket, you can change the name of one or more passengers, within 7 days of departure. In this case, the service costs 40€. If you intend to change Volotea tickets at the airport, the name change costs 50€.
With the Flex fare, you can change your names for FREE, within 4 hours of departure.
Keep in mind that for all tickets, both standard and Flex, you must always add the difference in fare.
In other words, if you had to change the name too close to the flight, the price could be very high.


With Volotea, you can always change your flight within the set deadline.
You will have the possibility to make changes on the route, time, date, destination.
The change is free with FLEX rate tickets. In this case, the change is allowed within 4 hours of flight departure.
With standard fare, you have to pay 50,00 € per person, for each leg (60 € making the change at the airport), the change can be made within 7 days of departure
As in the case of the name, even if you change the flight, you will always have to pay any difference in fare, regardless of the fare purchased.

It is always advisable, therefore, to avoid changing your flight close to departure: the price will probably be leavened … and not a little!
Kanoa advises, in any case, to always stipulate a policy that offers you the right coverage for all your needs. More info are available on our official page.

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