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Children with Transavia. Tickets, baggage, unaccompanied minor

Children with Transavia

Here below you can find important information if you plan a plane trip with your children with Transavia.
Please note that the rules may vary depending on the airline used. Those shown below, only valid only on Transavia flights. The company defines BABY children within 23 months of life. From the two years completed up to 15, they are considered, instead, CHILDREN.


Infants up to 2 not completed, always travel in the arms of a parent or their carer. The newborn will always pay 20,00€ each way. It is also possible to make the baby occupy a seat. In this case, you will have to buy the ticket (only through CUSTOMER SERVICE) for the newborn. From the 2 years completed, the children will have to buy a ticket and occupy their own seat. Normal adult rate applies.
An adult passenger can travel with two newborns, one in their arms and one with a seat. In the latter case, you must sit on a special seat approved for weight and age.


You can make the online check-in even if you were traveling with your children with Transavia. To sit next to all the members of the family, you will need to buy seats for each component, up to 48 hours before departure.
Prices start at 4€ per person. There are, however, some tips to avoid paying. More info, through our link.

Children with Transavia


For security reasons, you will have to go by yourself, through the metal detector. If the child can not walk and traveling alone, the airport staff will hold him in her arms to allow you to go first alone, and later with your child. Hand luggage and accessories such as strollers, all have to go under the scanner.
At all the main airports, there are special acceptance desks dedicated to families with children. It is advisable to always arrive well in advance, to get all the information on the spot.


They can travel unaccompanied by adults, only children aged 5 or older.
Children with Transavia, under the age of 5, must always be accompanied by an adult.
Children between the 5 and the 11 years completed, can travel alone, with the Transavia escort service. This service can only be booked through the call center, at the cost of 50,00€ per child, per single leg.
You will have to download the appropriate forms on the official website, bringing the 5 copies, duly signed, directly to the airport. The unaccompanied minor will be assigned to the Transavia staff to the destination. Here, there must be a person from 16 years up, who will be entrusted with the minor.
Remember that it will be your care to make sure that there is a person of your choice at your destination. This person must go to the airport, in good time to sign all the documents. The Transavia personnel will leave the minor only to the designated addressee on the form. In the event that there is no one to wait, the minor will have to go back with the return flight.


Infants up to 2 years old, CAN bring along a choice, a suitcase, a light stroller or a car seat 42x57cm, all weighing no more than 10kg. Beyond this limit, they will be considered hold baggage, and boarded paying the cost of 40,00€ each way.
Children aged 2 and 15 years of age can carry one piece of hand baggage of the same weight and size as an adult.


Children aged 2 and 15 years of age can carry FREE of one of the following items, as well as hand baggage:
– light stroller (folding to umbrella).
– homologated car seat.

Airports allow strollers to enter the boarding areas. In this way, it will be more comfortable to bring the baby or newborn with you. Once you reach the gate, the staff will mark it and embark FREE in the hold. At your destination, you will find the stroller on the luggage belt.



Inside the carry-on baggage, do not forget to bring the following items for your little ones:
* Documents (card or passport, boarding pass, health card, visas, insurance policy).
* First Aid Kit (Thermometer, patches, essential drugs).
* Hygiene (diapers, wet wipes, handkerchiefs, cocoa butter, towel, cream).
* Foods, possibly at the ideal temperature, stored in a thermos. Do not forget the snack for your little ones.
* Toys, tablets, videogames, spare clothes.
The best way to counteract the effects of pressure changes is to use pacifiers or baby bottles during the flight.


Baby food is allowed in the carry-on baggage, which is checked for baggage. There are no quantity limitations. 100 ml of boiled water can be brought on board, to be mixed with powdered milk. On board the plane, staff can heat bottles and food.

Do not forget to take a look at our special section on Documents for Minors. The best way to travel with children with Transavia, in complete tranquility.

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