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Calamosche Beach. Most beautiful beaches south-eastern Sicily

Calamosche Beach

Among the beaches of south-eastern Sicily, Calamosche is probably one of the most famous.

Located within a splendid protected nature reserve, in 2005 it obtained the recognition, by Legambiente, of “ most beautiful beach in Italy “.
It has also been used as a location for commercials.

A place of extreme beauty in a truly unique natural and landscape context, between two rocky promontories, with numerous ravines and cavities.
The turquoise sea has a shallow seabed for long stretches, ideal for children.
The sand is fine and golden.

Thanks to the conformation, the sea is always quite calm with temperatures above average.
The underwater life and the presence of many fish and plant species make the Calamosche beach ideal for snorkeling: don’t forget to bring your mask with you. Especially if you have children.

Calamosche and the most beautiful beaches in Sicily



Calamosche Beach is located within the Vendicari Reserve , between Noto and Pachino.
It can only be reached by your own vehicle, through the Provincial Road SP19 and following the signs. You will find the latter written on the walls of the street, along the way.
Keep in mind that to get to the parking lot you have to travel a long stretch of dirt road where you will have to proceed at walking pace.

The car park is located near the Access Gate. It costs € 5 and also includes a free drink and the possibility of using the showers and toilets.
To enter the Reserve, however, you have to pay the entrance ticket. More info from here.


Calamosche Beach in Sicily

From the access gate, a path of about 1200 meters leads to the Calamosche beach. The travel time is between 20 and 25 minutes. Consider taking a few short breaks if you have children or if you want to protect yourself from the heat (the path is almost all completely in sunlight).


May, June and September are the best times to reach the beach.
It is the most famous beach in the reserve and, for this reason, August and all weekends are periods to be avoided. In this case, it is preferable to arrive early in the morning to avoid the crowds and chaos on the beach.


Like all the beaches of the Reserve, Calamosche is not equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds. In addition, there is a lack of refreshment points.

If you have decided to spend at least half a day, it is a must to bring a good supply of water to drink and food.
Umbrella, beach towels and protective creams should not be missing.
The path is not particularly dangerous and can also be tackled with ordinary flip-flops (obviously no heels for women).

If you are with children, the (rock) shoes are ideal. And, above all, consider the possibility of taking some breaks during the journey, finding refreshment in the (few) places protected from the sun.


As for the whole Reserve, the Calamosche beach is not accessible for people with mobility difficulties and invalids.
There are some tour operators that offer excursions by sea. Anyone wishing can obtain information through the official page of the Reserve.

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