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Hotel booking guide. Tips, guide to book your accomodation at right price

Hotel booking guide

A wonderful extra-luxury resort in the Caribbean, or a small bed & breakfast in the Loire? A romantic hotel with a view of the Eiffel Tower, or a hotel on the beach on a beautiful island of Greece? There really is something for everyone and, above all, for all budgets.

Planning a trip is, of course, one of the most beautiful moments of the holiday: we stop to think about the destination, the itinerary, and the period. Then, the idea begins to develop and take shape and the question arises about housing.It is easy to stumble along the path, starting with the search for the hotel; in the worst case, it can turn out to be an annoying mess and reserve even unpleasant surprises. Often, to be on the safe side, we rely perhaps on a brand that inspires trust. But is it equally true that every structure is unique and, while belonging to the same family, will it be equally reliable?

Hotel Booking Guide

Through this link, you can choose from hundreds of thousands of hotels, taking advantage of attractive rates. Furthermore, you can filter the search based on your tastes, interests and type; from the stars, at the price, from the area to the meals, up to the services included as swimming pool, wifi connection, parking and much more. All this, through the judgments and reviews of those who have really been there.

So … all that remains is to wish you a good trip and a good stay from Kanoa


More and more people, for their needs or their choice, prefer to stay in an apartment rather than in a hotel. Clearly, it is a subjective and extremely personal choice; one thing, however, is certain, as can be seen from the latest estimates: many individuals choose vacation rental apartments for their trip.
The reason is also rather simple. Compared to a common hotel, a home allows you to take advantage of many advantages; from the larger spaces, to the largest number of bedrooms, kitchen, and the possibility of doing laundry at no extra cost!
The trend in bookings for these accommodation facilities is clearly rising for a growing sector, which is why we Kanoa we decided to dedicate a special section to these structures, entrusting ourselves to the best operators of holiday apartment rentals.

Are you looking for an apartment in Italy? Maybe in Lisbon, or in central London? Is your wish Newy York? From this link you have the opportunity to look for the structure that best suits your needs and your pocket. Olte to the excellent trustpilot rating, you can take advantage of big discounts; sometimes you can save more than 50% compared to a similar hotel structure!

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