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Czech Vignette 1 day, month or year. Info, the price on the road

Czech Vignette

To drive in the Czech Republic, and to travel on certain motorway sections, it is necessary to purchase the special badge, called Elektronická Dálničkí Známka. This is a special prepaid digital sticker, mandatory for all vehicles up to 3.5 tons in weight. The so-called Czech Vignette must also be purchased for just crossing a short stretch of road.

Motorways that do NOT require the use of the Vignette are identified by special signs at the entrance to each motorway junction. This is a road sign on a white background, with a red cross stripe; this rye is placed below the green sign indicating the entrance to the motorway.

The Czech Vignette is available in three different denominations, which vary according to the duration, from a minimum of 10 days to a maximum of one year. For all vehicles with natural gas and methane engines there is a 50% discount (Eko Cena)

Czech Vignette

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The sticker is available in three different denominations, for vehicles up to 3.5 tons. Motorcycles are exempt from payment and run free on all Czech motorway sections. Here, below, prices and types:

  • Desetidenní kupón (označení D). Valid for 10 days from first use. Costs 310CZK (12.66 €)
  • Měsíční kupón (označení M). Valid for 30 days from first use and costs 440CZK (18€)
  • Roční kupón (označení R). Annual pass, valid until January 31st of the year following the purchase. Costs 1500CZK (61.27€)


The Czech Vignette can be purchased directly online on the official website, using the main credit cards. You will have to enter the vehicle license plate and the start date of the validity of the badge. You will then receive the receipt directly on your email.

Alternatively, it is possible to purchase the cash on delivery at the points of sale and in the automatic machines scattered throughout the territory.

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