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Artxanda Funicular, in Bilbao. Info, times, frequency, how to get there

Artxanda Funicular

With over 100 years of history, the Artxanda Funicular is one of the most evocative means of transport in the city.
Connects the lower part of Bilbao with the area of ​​Mount Artxanda, for a total length of 770 meters.

It was inaugurated way back in 1915 and is currently operational every month of the year.
The lower station is located at Funikularreko Plaza, a few minutes walk from the futuristic Zubizuri Bridge.

Once you reach the top, the lookout and the Panoramic Terrace awaits you with a beautiful view of Bilbao. Near the funicular there is a quiet park, with lots of greenery, bars, Basque restaurants, and the Escultura de la Huella; a curious sculpture depicting an immense fingerprint.
Drop in, especially for the beautiful view from the top.

Bilbao Artxanda Funicular

Photo ©, Miguel Fernandes



From the Guggenheim Museum, you can reach the entrance to the Artxanda funicular in just under 15 minutes. Go along the scenic road, then cross the Zubizuri Bridge.
From Casco Viejo, you walk for about 1200 meters.

The funicular is just a few minutes from the Matiko station, connected with the L3 metro and lines E1, E3, E4, Trena.


The funicular works every day, every month of the year.
From October to May, it is active from Monday to Sunday, from 07:15 to 22:00. On holidays, it runs from 08:15 to 22:00.
From June to September, the closing time is at 11.00 pm.

The frequency of the races, unless otherwise specified, is always 15 minutes.


Like the metro and buses, to travel on the funicular it is preferable to buy the special Barik Card. It is a rechargeable card, equipped with a microchip, which allows you to travel on all city vehicles, at discounted rates.
The minimum top-up amount is €5. Only at the time of purchase, you will have to pay €3 for activation costs. This amount will be automatically deducted on the first top-up.
A trip by funicular, with Barik card, costs €0.60. Alternatively, you can opt for the classic paper ticket, at a cost of €1.65. In other words, with a return trip you will have almost entirely covered the Barik Card.

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