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Jerez Festival, from 17 February to 05 March 2022, Jerez de la Frontera

Jerez Festival

The best way for getting around Jerez de la Frontera, and visit the beauties of the city, is on foot. The bikes are practical and economical enough for not particularly long journeys. Alternatively, by public transport, you can reach interurban destinations.


For the historic center, and to visit the most important monuments, you can walk almost exclusively on foot. The central railway station is also a 5-10 minute walk from the center.


With the Bahía de Cádiz transport card, you can take advantage of the convenient bike sharing service made available for users over the age of 18. The service operates in the Alameda Bank Mamelon Square, Bus Station and University Campus areas. A transport card and a credit card will be enough to start using the rental service.
The first 8 HOURS are FREE. Subsequently, the rate applied will be €1 every 30 minutes, up to a maximum of €15 for a whole day.

Getting around Jerez de la Frontera


They are not overly expensive. You can take advantage of clear and transparent rates, and a 24-hour service, which will allow you to reach the airport as well. Teletaxi Jerez is a reliable taxi service. The vehicles are easily identifiable by the presence of the logo and the taximeter.
It starts with an initial fee of €1.39, to which €0.89 is added for each kilometer. The minimum amount of the trip is €3.90. There is a surcharge for travel to/from the airport (€ 15.80 the minimum rate), and €0.53 for each suitcase up to 60cm. It is advisable to always leave the driver a tip of 15-20% of the amount.


Public transport is managed by Transporte Generales Comes, which is part of the Bahia de Cadiz Consortium, integrated metropolitan transport.
The buses are quite reliable and allow you to reach the suburbs, and neighboring destinations thanks to the interurban lines.

The buses are in operation every day, from Monday to Sunday, including holidays, from the morning until about 10.30 pm.The times, however, are subject to change depending on the line and the day. The lines operate on the urban section, continuing on the interurban routes to Cadiz and other destinations.


The fare system is based on the number of jumps made in a journey, from origin to destination, according to a pre-established scheme.
Anyone wishing to move around Jerez de la Frontera, by bus, within the urban area alone, will not make any jump, and will be subject to the payment of the minimum fare.
The Tarjeta de Transportes, on the other hand, is a rechargeable card that allows you to travel, at a reduced price, on the entire network. It is available in the anonymous and nominative version. You can top it up with money that will be deducted for each trip you make. A deposit of €1.50 must be paid.
With the Billette Sencillo you can make a one-way trip. The urban fare (0 jumps) is €1.10 per person, for a trip within 45′ of validation. The intercity fare with 0 jumps (for example to reach the airport) costs €1.40 (€0.89 with Tarjeta).

Whenever you use the means, always remember to validate your ticket before embarking on the journey.

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