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Russian Visa. Info, guide, how to request, times, costs. Practical guide

Russian Visa

All those who go to Russia for a holiday must apply for a special Russian Visa.
The document must be requested mandatory BEFORE LEAVING, at least 3/4 days before the flight.
The visa has a duration of 30 days and can be Single, for a trip within Russia alone, or Multiple if you intend to enter and leave the country several times.


To request a Russian tourist visa you will need the following documents:

  • Passport, with a residual validity of at least six months from the presumed expiry of the visa.
  • A color photo ID, as faithful as possible to your recent appearance.
  • Invitation letter from the host institution.
  • Electronic visa application form.
  • Copy of the health insurance policy. Keep in mind that the insurance certificate must have the original stamp. Forms sent by e-mail will not be accepted.

Remember that the forms must be delivered and / or withdrawn in person. Otherwise, the proxy with signature and copy of the passport is also required.

Russian Visa


Delivery times can also be around 10-15 working days.
Therefore, it is advisable to request it with adequate advance with respect to the departure date.
Four days before departure, you can apply for a Russian Urgent Visa, which can be obtained in just 3 days. Keep in mind, however, that in this case the costs are much higher.

The price may vary depending on the country of residence. In general, between taxes and commissions, in most of Europe, the visa costs €100. The price doubles for the United States.


There are three different options to apply.


Each country has several visa centers located throughout the territory. Take into account that, often, you will have to do a few hundred kilometers to reach the physical location, and deliver the documents.
Apparently inconvenient solution but, in reality, it is the safest, practical, and with short times.

All the data must be filled in on the official website from this link.
Keep your passport, invitation letter and health insurance handy.
Correctly report, without errors, all data (expiration and passport number, personal data, confirmation numb of the invitation letter …)
You will be guided step by step in the procedure, quite simple.
When you first use it, you indicate your country of residence, and then you must enter the required data in the appropriate fields.
Before the end, you will need to indicate the location of the Visa Center to which the application should be forwarded. Print and sign the application, and get organized to reach the nearest Visa Center.


The procedure is less expensive, because you will not have to pay the Visa Center fee.
The times, however, are superior.
You will not be able to fill in the online form, but only in place.
All information is available only at the Consulate. And it is not said, in practical terms, that you will succeed in the intent.
If you decide to apply for a visa at the Consulate, take into account that you will have to be a shuttle for at least 3 or 4 times.


There are special agencies that take care of the Russian Visa request for you.
Keep in mind that these Agencies simply act as an intermediary between you and the Visa Center. In practice, they do the drawing for you. Obviously, with costs at least double.

You will find many agencies in the area, and not all reliable.
How to recognize a serious agency? Perhaps, from the judgments of friends, relatives and people who guarantee by direct experience.
If you are unsure of the agency you are addressing, avoid it.

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