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Getting around Cluj Napoca by bus, tram, trolleybus, taxi or on foot

Getting around Cluj Napoca

Public city transport is managed by the Romanian RATUC (Regia Autonomă de Transport Urban de Călători). Public transportation is the ideal solution for getting around Cloca Napoca and reaching the surrounding areas and the suburbs. Bikes and taxis are excellent alternatives


The two-wheeler is always a very popular means to getting around Cluj Napoca and, more generally, throughout Romania.
Ecological, practical and rather economical, it allows you to reach every corner of the city, following your own pace and schedule.
Thanks to recent investments, cyclists now have 52 km of cycle paths and, above all, Clujbike, an excellent bike rental service. You can rent your two wheels, in one of the 50 stations between Cluj Napoca, Apahida, or Floresti.
To use the service, simply register at one of the authorized counters, presenting your identity document. You will receive a special card to insert, later, in the totem to pick up (and place) your bike. The first 60 minutes are FREE; after this period, the relative usage fee will be applied. Further info and prices on the official website


Taxi prices in Cluj Napoca are aligned with the rest of Romania and, therefore, prices are relatively low.
Taxis are a great way to move around Cluj Napoca at night, or to reach out-of-town destinations. They are preferable to vehicles, especially when traveling in groups.

Taxis can present different colors and signals because there are different companies in the city. We recommend choosing only Atlas, Diesel Rapid, Diesel Taxi, Pritax, Nova, Terra & Fan, Pro Rapid. The names of these companies are always identifiable on the car; on the side, often, the applied tariff is also indicated, which, generally, is around 2.25RON per kilometer.
The taxis from this company are located in the main points of interest for citizens, including the airport and the central railway station.


Getting around Cluj Napoca

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RATUC is the Romanian company that manages public city transport. A network that boasts over 30 regular bus lines, 7 trolley buses and 3 tram lines to move around in Cluj Napoca.
The buses are quite efficient and connect the center, perferia and surrounding areas. On the main lines, frequencies are around 15 minutes during peak times. In the evening, and at weekends, the frequencies are obviously higher.
Buses run daily, including Sundays and holidays, from 06:00 to 22:30. Timetables vary depending on the line. Night service operates during the night. The line is identified by the letter N following the bus number.

The 100, 101 and 102 lines identify trams in service in the city. An additional 102L line is used on weekdays in addition to the 102 line.
Trams operate every day, from Monday to Friday, from 05:30 to 22:40 approximately.


To travel, and move to Club Napoca by public transport, you can opt for single-ride tickets or alternatively one-day or one-day passes.
Tickets and season tickets are valid on one or more lines depending on the type.

Bilete 1 călătorie, is the ticket valid for a single trip on a single line (including buses and trolleybuses to / from the airport). Costa 2.50LEI per person. It does not allow for a return trip.
Bilete 2 călătorii, it is the ticket valid for a single journey on two lines of public transport. Costa 5.00LEI per person.
Bilete de noapte 1 călătorie. This is the ticket valid only on night city lines. It can only be used on a night bus line, which can be purchased by the driver at the price of 4.00RON.

Abonament cu preţ întreg, toate liniile. This is the subscription, available in different denominations, valid on all bus, trolleybus and tram lines. The version from 1 ZI, is valid for only one day from the time of validation, and costs 14RON. The version 3 ZILE, instead 3 days is valid and costs 23RON. The version 1 SAPTAMANA costs 45RON and is valid for 7 consecutive days from validation.

Tickets can be purchased on board, and at merchants displaying the RATUC brand. If you have a Romanian card, you can take advantage of the TICKET SMS service which allows you to pay the relevant tariff, via a text message from the phone.
Always remember to validate your ticket, before embarking on the journey: the checks are quite frequent.

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