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Bojnice, Slovakia. How to get from Bratislava by plane and car


Nestling on the banks of the Nitra, Bojnice is a beautiful Slovak town of just 5000 anime.

North of Bratislava, which is less than 200 kilometers away, this city is known for its many attractions.
Above all, the evocative Castle around which the town stands. Beautiful, fascinating, as well as one of the best preserved castles in the whole country.

The city also houses the oldest zoo in Slovakia, the thermal springs, and an interesting prehistoric museum. If this is not enough, you can relax at the city park along the Prievidzska. The city is the ideal half for families and couples, or for an escape from Bratislava.




Whatever your means, Bratislava is the starting point for reaching the beautiful Slovak town. The Capital airport is connected with direct flights to many European destinations.
If you want to get to Bojnice only by public transport, you can use the train.
From the central station in Bratislava, daily runs to Prievidza are guaranteed.
The journey, without making changes, lasts about 3 hours; the ticket costs around 8€ per person.
An urban public transport service connects Bojnice and Prievidza, a few kilometers away from each other.

Alternatively, you can rent a car directly at the airport. The city is located about 190 kilometers north of the capital. You cross the E75 highway, before reaching Trencin and turning onto R2.
All the info on Bratislava are available at this link.

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