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Change Wizz Air tickets. info and costs change name, flight, time

Change Wizz Air tickets

A very useful and valid support to all those who want to change Wizz Air tickets. If for one reason or another, you need to change one or more names of passengers; or, a destination. Whatever your reasons to change Wizz Air tickets, here you will find the answers and all your questions. And above all, the costs. Because, obviously, the expense should not be excessive. In fact, it could happen that the costs to modify Wizz Air tickets are higher than the price of a new coupon!


When you register at the official website of the company, a personal account of 10 digits is automatically opened, with a balance equal to 0.
The personal account is particularly important for those wishing to cancel or modify Wizz Air tickets. It will be on this personal account, in fact, that you will receive any credit for cancellation or delay of flights.

Change Wizz Air tickets


You can always cancel your flight up to 3 hours before your flight departs. If you have purchased the FLEX option, you will not have to pay anything at all. Otherwise a penalty of 60.00 € per passenger will be applied.

The FLEX option, must be purchased at the time of booking, and has a cost of 10.00€ per passenger, per single leg.

Once your flight has been canceled, you will receive a credit to your Wizz personal account. This credit will be available for a period of 90 days to make a new booking. After the end of the 90days, the credit will be lost.


At the time of purchase, there is no option to change the names of passengers for free. Therefore, be very careful when filling in the names of airline tickets. In case even minimal errors, the change could cost dear.
Each name change costs 45.00€ per passenger per way.

However, only one FREE name change per reservation is granted, provided that it meets one of the following criteria:
There must be no more than wrong characters in 3. We want to extend an abbreviation of a name. You want to change a person’s gender.


It is always possible to change the date, route and time of the flight. Also in this circumstance, adding the FLEX option to the cost of 10.00€ per passenger, the change will be free. Otherwise, you will have to pay a penalty from a minimum of €30 to a maximum of €40, per passenger for each leg.

Keep in mind that these changes always lead to the payment of the price difference. If the price of the new flight is higher, the difference between the current price and the previous price must be paid for each passenger.


This is a convenient option to add to your ticket. It costs 10.00€ each way, per passenger. With this option, if your flight is canceled or delayed more than 60 ‘, you will receive a full 100€ on your Wizz account.

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