August events and the best 2019 festivals not to be missed in the world

Spain. Germany. Italy. United States. Who thinks that August is synonymous with sun, sea and relaxation, is wrong. Just give a quick glimpse of the program of August events, to realize it immediately.

In all likelihood, we are faced with one of the hottest months of the year, with an absolutely incredible number of international events and festivals. Deciding which one is the most interesting is almost impossible. And then, choose according to your destination and your holiday. Probably, a short distance away, you will find the event that is right for you.

On a warm and sunny month, a destination combining sea, culture and tradition can not miss. In Malaga you will find everything. But, above all, one of the most anticipated August events: the Feria de Malaga . It is the most important summer festival known and the Costa del Sol, also known as the Gran Fiesta del Verano, ie, Great Feast of Summer. It is characterized by a rich program of events and activities throughout the week. Concerts, exhibitions, games for children, bullfights, flamenco and much more! Appointment August 15 to 24.
Remaining in the Spanish theme, at the end of the month, in Bunol, is the renowned Celebrated Tomatina, another international highlight. Tons of tomatoes await you for a battle at the last … ..saly!


In August, Also in Spain, the Mystery Play of Elche is an ancient medieval theater performance based on texts of the Apocrypha, with musical accompaniment from different periods, and mainly in the Valencian language texts. They tell, in two acts, the Assumption of Mary. Between the August events of greatest charm and appeal. This is also the crucial month of celebrations in honor of Sant Bartomeu, the day 24. The event, known as Festa Major of Sitges , is held over two days, with a ceremonial and a program, really rich, not to be missed.

If you dream, instead, a vacation to London, try to book between 24 and 26 August. One of the most beautiful cities in the world. One of the most famous and elegant areas. Lights and colors unsellable. Dancing, parades and fantastic choreography. And lots of music. Here are the ingredients that make the Notting Hill Carnival , one of the highlights of the London summer program. That’s right: a carnival in the middle of summer.
Also in London, at the beginning of the month, you can take a trip to the London Craft Beer Festival , to taste fantastic craft beers, August 9 to 11. A week before, however, you will find the alter ego in Germany; the Berliner Bierfestival is the right opportunity to combine taste and fun in the German capital.

Second appointment of the expected Palio of Siena, among the best events of August in the folk scene. In the frame of the splendid Piazza del Campo, appointment on 16 day with this historical review of which there are traces, even in the distant thirteenth century! Remaining in terms of traditions, always in Italy the Torta dei Fieschi, and the festivities linked to it, recall the sumptuous wedding of the thirteenth century between the Count of Lavagna, the feudal Fiesco family, and the noblewoman Bianca dei Bianchi. On that occasion, the newlyweds decided to offer a giant cake to the entire local population. A sumptuous party and an opportunity to discover the wonderful Liguria.

Molto ricco anche il cartellone musicale.
Sziget Festival represents the best answer to those who are looking for an alternative destination to the classic summer holidays. For a week, in the middle of August, you will discover the evocative charm of the Island of Liberty, or Obuda; a fluvial island surrounded by the waters of the Danube.

From 06-10, Oslo is home to one of the most important music festivals in the country: Oya Festival. Thanks to a rich program that includes international names and emerging local artists, Oya festival has carved out an important part of the summer music events. A festival that draws attention to the environmental aspect. If, however, you like to dance, you can not miss one of the most extraordinary festivals you can imagine, the Dimensions . It takes place in a fantastic historic site of the nineteenth century, a few steps from the sea, surrounded by the magic of music, while the sky is lit up … ..

Among the events of August, for lovers of gastronomy, the Cooking and food festival has become an unmissable event in Copenhagen summer landscape. The Festival, now, can be counted among the most interesting gastronomic events of the Scandinavian scene. A festival that combines the pleasure and taste to perfumes. The whole city is an authentic explosion of flavors, with hundreds of events and initiatives scattered throughout the city. There’s something for all tastes. Less than an hour from Copenhagen, the impressive Kronborg Castle is the setting for one of the most beloved theater events in Northern Europe: the Shakespeare Festival.
An extraordinary event between theater, music and food not to be missed in the program of the best events in August.

Best August events

A festival that takes place only 5 times in a century, from the 2016 inscribed in the immaterial cultural heritage by UNESCO.
A party that dates back to the eighteenth century but which has ancient origins.

It takes this premise to realize the uniqueness of the Fete des Vignerons . An incredible event that takes place in a time span between 14 and 28 years old, or, however, at each generational change. That of 2019 is the first edition of the new millennium. It might be a good time to be able to say “I’ve been there.”

Among the top events of August, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo . Approximately 100 million (!!) people who follow this event from all over the world. A global festival, televised in over 40 countries worldwide, with the BBC on the front line.

Worthy conclusion of this article, with two of the most anticipated August events: Mysteryland and Burning Man. Mysterylad it is the oldest and longest-lasting Electronic Music Festival. At least, according to the organizers. Born on a magical night of the distant 1993, he traveled to different places over the years, before finding a permanent home on the beautiful land of Floriade, in Haarlemmermeer. A Festival in which mystery and creativity find their maximum expression, between fantastic and imaginative scenographies. Incredible art installations, more or less gigantic sculptures adorn the whole scene, in an explosion of lights and colors.

Freedom is the slogan of the Burning Man, one of those events that should be seen and experienced at least once in one’s life. Black Rock City it is a kind of ghost town, located in the expanse of the desert BlackRock in the State of Nevada, which every year, for only eight days, is populated by thousands of individuals; a sort of temporary metropolis dedicated to the community, art, self-expression and self-confidence; a place of creativity where everyone is welcome. In this “no man’s land” the Burning Man, an event that, thanks to its characteristics and expression, is unique all over the planet. An incredible event that, over the years, is finding more and more aficionados.