Vacation in Sunny Beach. Best places, attractions, park and beaches

Vacation in Sunny Beach

Those who choose to spend their vacation in Sunny Beach, certainly do not do it for the sea. Unless he is completely unprepared.
Password: unbridled fun, up to the excesses, and high.

Every day begins strictly in the late afternoon. A jump to the beach, perhaps sipping an aperitif at sunset, before evening.
Everything, waiting for the night, the highlight of the vacation in Sunny Beach.
Drinking. Let’s Dance. Have fun, until the first light of dawn, among the many clubs and clubs of the city.
A holiday to spend, above all, among friends. This is not a destination for couples or families.
Instead, imagine it as a huge entertainment fair. A sort of Ibiza of the East, with rather contained costs.


A long stretch of golden sand, which stretches for several kilometers in length, is rather wide.
Generally, in the area closest to the shore, you can rent your beach umbrella and deck chairs. The free area, however, is the one closest to the road. Generally, the density of umbrellas and towels is creepy!
The sea is not particularly beautiful. And l, not even, so bad. Do not expect shades and clarity of the Mediterranean.

The beach is quite equipped. The promenade, among other things, is full of bars, bars and cafes. In addition to the inevitable stalls.

Vacation in Sunny Beach


One of the inevitable attractions in a vacation in Sunny Beach.
If you were passing through with your kids, let us jump. Fun is guaranteed.
The water park, the first of all Bulgaria, is located in the western part, on an area of ​​over 30000 square meters, surrounded by tropical palms and trees.
You will find 30 water attractions, bars, restaurants, and even a mini Zoo.
Open every day, in high season, from 09:30 to 19:00.
The full admission ticket (height above 130cm) costs 38BGN throughout the day, and 28BGN after 15:00. Reduced for children between 90 and 130 cm in height, 19BGN (after 15:00 pay 14BGN).
Ample free parking available.


The park is located south of Sunny Beach, not far from Nesebar, along the main road.
Again, this is one of the attractions not to be missed during a vacation in Sunny Beach.
Ideal for children and adults.
Aqua Paradise is the largest park in the country, with 40 attractions and services, daily show programs and games with park guests. It has ample free parking and free shuttle service to / from Sunny Beach!
Prices are identical to Action Aquapark.


For those who want to break the monotony (so to speak!) Of their holiday in Sunny Beach, the kart track could be a good solution.
As for water parks, it can be reached by taking the E87 main road from Nesebar.
Prices around the 50Lev for 15 minutes.

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