Nightlife in Sunny Beach. Info and guide to the best clubs and disco

Nightlife in Sunny Beach

The nightlife is the main reason that pushes visitors to reach the shores of the Black Sea. Not surprisingly, the nickname of Ibiza of the East is unequivocal.
Fun, unleashing up to the excesses, definitely low cost. In some clubs, in fact, you enter with a couple of euros.
The list of clubs, and beach clubs in the city, is really impressive. We can not list them all. Here, therefore, some of the most renowned clubs of the nightlife in Sunny Beach.


A point of reference for nightlife, and one of the most appreciated clubs in Eastern Europe, inserted by djmag, for several years, in the TOP 100 of European clubs.
Open during the day, and at night, it is one of the best beach clubs in the country, with excellent techno and house music.
There are numerous events and parties organized at Cacao Beach during the seasonal period. Equally important are the international guests: Marco Carola, Adam Beyer, just to name a few.
Located a little further from the other clubs of the city, it is, of course, the landmark of the nightlife in Sunny Beach.
We dance and we are unleashed to the rhythm of music, facing the sea.


The club where the party never ends.
Club The 1 is one of the hottest spots on the Black Seaside. Includes a VIP Lounge and an outdoor lounge. It’s so fashionable that it’s almost impossible to enter without reservations!
Located in the Cacao Beach area, with which, along with La Cubanita and Bedroom, is a huge resort in the resort.
Here, as in Cacao, prices are definitely above average.

Nightlife in Sunny Beach


Sound. Show. Lights. Beautiful girls. A fantastic multilevel dance floor, with a capacity of around 800 people. The ideal place to go wild all night long, until the first light of the morning.
Excellent music, especially dance, really cheap drinks, and beautiful choreography are the strengths of this Club that stands in the center.
One of the trendy nightlife spots of Sunny Beach.


On the seafront in front of the Hotel Victoria, one of the most fashionable clubs in Sunny Beach. At the “Festival hut”, the German tradition plays the lion’s share. Thus, during the day, you can enjoy traditional German dishes, alongside international cuisine. In the evening, instead, the most electrifying parties in the city are hosted, animated by Markus Becker, Rick Arena, Ina Colada, Willy Herren, and many others.
Die Party Hütte is another top of the nightlife in Sunny Beach.


One of the favorite places, and more frequented, by Dutch and young people from Northern Europe. During the day, and before sunset, excellent aperitifs await you at the Viking, at very affordable prices. In the evening, drink and dance until the 06 in the morning.
The track is not particularly big but, this is without a doubt a stop not to be missed during your holiday.

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