Getting around Sunny Beach by public transport and on foot. Info, guide

Getting around Sunny Beach

For most of the center you move on foot. A large part, is a pedestrian area and in an area of ​​around 2 km are concentrated local attractions and points of interest.
For getting around Sunny Beach, you can use buses, taxis and transfer services. A sea transfer service, in high season, is a shuttle with Nessebar.


Sunny Beach – 2000 Autotrans, is the company that deals with public transport, here, and in the surrounding areas.
In total, 16 bus allow you to move in Sunny Beach. The means, rather modern, have all the comforts. Furthermore, thanks to the presence of special platforms, two vehicles are suitable for transporting people with reduced mobility.
A special area, instead, is dedicated to strollers.
Generally, for short distances, the ticket costs about 1.00BGN per person, and you buy directly on board the vehicle.

Buses run along the beaches of Sunny Beach, and the nearby villages of Nesebar, Ravda, Aheloy, Pomorie.

Getting around Sunny Beach


Taxis in Sunny Beach are not cheap. Above all in relation to the rest of the country. On the other hand, it is still a trendy destination.
Always rely on official taxis, with signs, and taximeters, clearly visible.
Not infrequently, in fact, you may find yourself faced with impromptu taxis and people ready to defraud the unwary.
Always check, beforehand, for the fare before getting on the vehicle. Generally, the price is around 3.00BGN for each kilometer.

If possible, rely on your receptionist to get in touch with an efficient taxi service.


Without a doubt, this is the best way for getting around Sunny Beach. Unless you want to move to some specific attractions like Aqua Paradise. “; in this case, among other things, a free transfer service is available with Sunny Beach

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