June 2019: where and when to go on vacation this month. Info and advice

A pleasant escape in the countries of Northern Europe, or enjoy a well-deserved break between the sea and lots of relaxation. The big open air concerts in Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom … and the biggest food and wine events. All this awaits you during the month of June, for a first taste of your Summer.


June is the best time for a holiday in the UK. Top destination of the month is the Scotland, thanks to a really pleasant climate, ideal for a vacation between nature, history and culture. Edinburgh will certainly, conquer you with its beauty and incredible elegance.

In the UK, in addition to the climate, you will find a series of international events that alone could be worth the holiday. Above all, the mythical Glastonbury which, after a year of pause, returns to great with a rich billboard.


June, When Where

This month you will be spoiled for choice. Oslo it is a splendid city of the North of great charm, in which culture, liveliness, and fun combine to perfection. The Norwegian capital, will conquer you thanks to its cosmopolitan and international character. A place where everything works perfectly. Oslo, the smallest of the European capitals, but, not for this, the least important. A “green” city, one of the most livable in the world. This month, you will find an ideal climate with long and endless days. Sweden and Finland are certainly not far behind.
This is also a great time to better enjoy places like the Balearic Islands. The climate is really excellent even for going to the beach. You can visit the small villages and the beauties of the places in complete tranquility, far from the crowds and the crowds of August. In addition, prices are significantly lower.
The same applies to the Greek islands.

This is also the best month to visit Ireland. The days get longer and you can spend more time in the beautiful city parks, and the wonderful Irish landscapes. How about a jump in the wonderful Dublin?


If you love adventure, this is a great time to visit Kenya, a place that will captivate you at first glance. You can combine the best of the Safari in the wonderful Reserves, the pleasure of the sea, sun and relaxation between beaches and absolutely heavenly places.
June is also excellent for visiting Madagascar, far from the chaos of the months of July and August. Cape Verde is a solution that can hardly be mistaken, whatever the period of your holiday may be. Sun, heat and wonderful beaches with truly fantastic landscapes. Namibia, Morocco and Tanzania are excellent alternatives.


Ready for a trip to the States? How to resist the suggestive charm of a trip on the road? A “coast to coast” tour.
California. Nevada and Las Vegas. And, of course, the beauty of New York, the city that never sleeps. June is the ideal time to go to the discovery of this land so big and so wonderful.

If, on the other hand, you have always wanted to visit Canada, this is the right time to embark on a fantastic journey.

History and great tradition. Machu Picchu. Cuzco and Lima. Nasca. There are so many reasons to visit Peru. From June to October you will find the ideal time to visit this fantastic country, full of charm and charm.
Also for Bolivia and Brazil, this is the optimal time for a holiday, with high temperatures and low rainfall.


Bali, Mongolia and Singapore are the best destinations in June of the Asian continent. Turkey, geographically close to Europe, has a rather warm climate along the Mediterranean coast, and is an excellent solution for your holidays. Warm everywhere even in areas overlooking the Black Sea.


The Fiji Islands are a real paradise on earth. If you do not frighten the journey and the amount to spend, this is your holiday. The best period is from June to September.

Staying on the theme of paradisiacal beauty …. there is Polynesia, a top destination.


It is India, without a doubt, the destination to be avoided during this period. The heat is sometimes suffocating to counteract the heavy rains.
Burma, in this period, is at the height of the wet rainy season and, therefore, it is not recommended.
Even Cambodia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Thailand, it is better to choose another period to spend their holidays