What could be better than to admire the beauty and charm of wonderful landscapes and the midnight sun ??
Especially while, in the rest of Europe, tourists are fighting to grab their place in the sun. Traffic. Mileage codes at motorway exits. Rush on the beaches. Arrest for finding a parking space, a free table, a hotel room …


August Where and when

In Iceland the sun is the great protagonist. The sun you will always see above the horizon line. The sun that makes everything shine.
A holiday that can reserve pleasant surprises. You can visit the splendid Capital, or make a trip to the Blue Lagoon. For those who have the way, we recommend a holiday between 17 and 19 August, the period in which the famous Weekend Festival takes place. An event that, today, represents the reference point in the European EDM (Electronic Dance Music) panorama.


Greece. France. Italy. Spain. Croatia …. difficult to choose. The climate, at this time, is ideal for those looking for fun, sun and sea. With all the problems of the case. This, in fact, is considered the highlight of the season and, therefore, the prices are high and the queues a bit everywhere.
The alpha assails the big cities and, during the day, it is almost prohibitive to visit monuments and attractions.

If you are looking for a less chaotic holiday, Northern Europe is really ideal. Destinations like Scotland and Ireland are really ideal at this time.
For almost the entire period, in Edinburgh you will have the chance to see a truly extraordinary event like the Military Tattoo. The city is really beautiful.
Dublin is an extraordinary starting point for discovering Ireland, a truly magical land full of charm. A journey on the road would really be the best.
Then there are countries like Georgia and Lithuania, all to be discovered.

August is also the month of great events in Europe. Berlin, Copenhagen, Malaga, London and many others. From here, the list of the main Festivals.


A journey on the road in the United States: the charm that never sets. This is a great time to visit truly unique, incredible cities and places. With the only care to avoid especially the area to the south, from Houston to Florida.
Las Vegas and Nevada lend themselves perfectly to being visited this month, although the top would be September.
At the Hawaii archipelago, we are in the middle of the dry season, with high temperatures and very sunny days. Book without hesitation.

In the south, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador and Paraguay are excellent destinations for your holidays.
The best?? Peru. How to remain indifferent to the charm of the mythical land of the Incas and the majestic Machu Picchu. Excellent to visit both along the coast and in the internal Amazon area.


A trip to Tanzania can give you great emotions. This is the best month to combine the wonderful safari with a beach holiday. Just in August, you can dive into the crystal clear waters, relax in the shade of palm trees, on the long stretches of white sand.
If you love the charm of adventure, then opt for Kenya. Also in this case, in August you will be able to combine the pleasure of the sun and the sea, between beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters.
Namibia, Botswana, Zanzibar and Cape Verde are excellent destinations during this period. Like most of the north-western area.


August in Bali

Generally speaking, from a climatic point of view, August is the least favorable period for a holiday in Asia. In fact, we are in the midst of the monsoon season.
For lovers of this wonderful continent, we recommend Bali and Indonesia, excellent especially in this month where rainfall is very scarce. large resorts and postcard beaches, frame the island of Bali. A truly wonderful place that never ceases to enchant.
So much history, culture and wonderful landscapes characterize Indonesia, an archipelago that boasts about 17,000 islands!

At the extreme south of Malaysia, Singapore is a delight this month. A small world apart where different souls live together. Beaches. Attractions. Skyscrapers. Shopping streets and even a Formula 1 circuit. Nothing is missing. Temperatures in this period remain high, and infrequent rainfall.


French Polynesia and Fiji are two authentic paradises. The only sore point remains the time and the costs to face the journey, but, once set foot it will be love at first sight.
The favorite places for honeymoon, all-inclusive resorts, and romantic dinners based on fresh fish.
Bora Bora. Tahiti. Moorea. The choice is really vast and wide.
A unique paradise where the sky and the sea become one.
Temperatures are generally high throughout the year, but the period from June to September is the best.


Here, below, are the destinations that, due to weather conditions, are absolutely not recommended for a holiday in August

As mentioned above, it is mainly Asian destinations that are not recommended this month. In this sense, India, Burma, Cambodia, Japan, Nepal and the Philippines are absolutely to be avoided. In general, opt for areas located south of Malaysia.

In North America, to avoid Miami and Florida. If you want to organize a family trip to the wonderful Orlando parks, prefer the months of March and April.
Until October, to avoid Mexico due to frequent rains. Generally, areas overlooking the Gulf of Mexico are not suitable for a vacation this month.
Going south, Cuba, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, they are not ideal for a holiday.

In New Zealand, this is probably, with July, the worst time to take a vacation. Here, we are in the middle of winter and the rains are very frequent.