Travel in UK. The documents needed after Brexit in the United Kingdom

The Brexit and the subsequent exit of England from the European Union, in addition to the known political and economic implications, ended up causing panic among many travelers.

From now on, will a special visa be required to travel to England? Is the passport or identity card still valid? These are some of the questions that most concern those who plan to plan a trip to the United Kingdom. After all, there is still talk of one of the most visited countries in the world, with authentic London as the first lady.

Travel in UK

Just recently, the London government has spoken about it, during this difficult phase of exit from the European Union. According to the BBC, and based on the Times, London is in favor of a line that provides for the maintenance, in principle, of some of the current rules for traveling in Britain.

First of all, we point out that at present, there has been no actual change in the matter of documents. Therefore, those wishing to travel to the United Kingdom will only need to obtain a valid identity document. Nothing else.

After Brexit, as reported by the English broadcaster, there should be no major changes regarding visas and documents. You will not need a visa from Europe to travel in UK. This is the line that seems to follow London. The changes, on the other hand, should concern students and workers intending to move to the United Kingdom; in fact, these must request a permit. However, before the changes can be operational, there should be a transition phase, until the official exit from the EU in March 2019.

Therefore, anyone wishing to set off to discover England and the wonderful London capital, has no fear. To travel in UK, simply bring your valid ID with you.

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