Most dangerous cities Worldwide. From Naples to Raqqa

Bad information can often be confusing. As for the rest, junk information. Today, anyone can write. Social, blogs, sites like or big newspapers. Writing, and knowing how to write, are very different things.

The most dangerous cities in the world.
Here we are at the heart of the matter.
Yesterday I came across this service, which listed the most dangerous cities in the world. Ten cities, or more correctly, ten corners of the world, wisely chosen by a journalist from the Sun, a well-known English tabloid.

Most dangerous cities Worldwide

I know Naples well. Yet, the splendid Neapolitan city is counted among the ten most dangerous cities in the world.
Naples, which, in my opinion, is a wonderful city, which has little, or nothing, to envy to Rome.
City of great history, culture and tradition. Splendid palaces, museums, churches. Wonderful alleys and squares. Vesuvius, splendid and majestic. Underwater parks, more or less known. His extraordinary castles. Unique, postcard-like landscapes. The sea…
Naples as Raqqa, capital of the Islamic State, among the most dangerous cities in the world! Bah.

I read the full article on the Sun website. Completing the reading required enormous courage on my part, due to the great amount of idiocy, stereotypes and clichés: Gomorrah, organized crime, baby gangs … They omitted only Pulcinella and pizza! But only because they have not found negative elements to point to.
The article concludes, more or less, like this:
Naples has such a bad reputation in Italy that the phrase go to hell “would have been transformed” into Italian “into something like” go to Naples “!!!! Really! Who knows where he read, or heard, this news!

We of kanoa retort: ​​go and do … a romantic walk along the seafront; a walk through the beautiful historic center, declared World Heritage by UNESCO.
Probably, those who considered Naples among the most dangerous cities in the world, did it very lightly. Without having concrete evidence in this regard and probably without ever having set foot in this city.
Pack your bags to spend your vacation … in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and the world. Word of Kanoa.