Fly with animals. Practical info, rules for traveling with animals by plane

With summer coming, it’s time to book your next vacation. Provided you have not already done so.

What to do, however, if you do not want to separate yourself from your faithful animal, and travel with him by plane?
In this case, are there any weight limits? How many animals can be carried on an aircraft? And, what is the cost?

To these, and other questions, we will try to provide the right indications. Starting from a premise. There are no universal rules for flying with animals. Each company has specific rules, which are invited to consult in advance. Here, below, the rules that apply some carriers to fly with animals.


You can bring a dog or a cat with you, as long as you have all the required vaccines, and have at least 10 weeks of age.
The animal must be transported in a container with maximum dimensions of 46 x 28 x 24 cm; or, in a transport case with a maximum size of 46 x 28 x 20 cm. Animal and container must have a maximum weight of 8kg. Good ventilation is recommended because the animal can not go out for the duration of the flight.
In Economy, the container must be stored under the front seat. Each passenger can carry only one animal on board.
Animals weighing between 8 and 75 kg, travel in the hold, except for snub-nosed dog breeds, which can travel (within weight limits) only in the cabin.
Prices vary depending on the route.


The transport of a dog, cat, bird, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster or ferret is allowed. Before leaving, be sure of any restrictions on the country of destination for transporting the animal. For travel in the European Community, for example, dogs and cats must be in possession of a passport issued by a veterinarian reporting the vaccinations and the state of health of the animal; in addition, they must be equipped with an electronic identification or tattoo system.
If you want, you can transport your pet in a booth in a carriage with a total weight of maximum 10kg and whose dimensions do not exceed 48x33x29 cm. The carrier must be well ventilated, waterproof, resistant, rigid or semi-rigid and must allow the animal to be in a comfortable position.

Animals and carriers, whose dimensions or weight, exceed those previously indicated, must be transported in the hold. In this case, the cage must be rigid and consists only of glass fibers or hard plastic. If equipped with wheels, these must be locked.
To fly with animals with Air Italy, YOU NEED TO PURCHASE a special ticket for your travel companion. The price varies depending on the flight and the type. For animals in CABIN, the price, each way, is €40,00 on domestic flights; 50,00€ on international flights; 70,00€ on intercontinental flights. For animals IN THE HOLD, €60,00 on domestic flights; 90,00€ on international flights; 110,00€ on intercontinental flights.
Prices are valid for online purchases or through a call center. By purchasing the coupons at the airport, you must add additional 10,00€ to the total.

Fly with dogs


Unfortunately, the company does not allow flying with animals. A serious limitation for those who are preparing to book a flight with the company.


Even the Irish company does not allow animals on board the aircraft.


You can bring a dog or a cat on board with you, as long as you have made all the required vaccines.
The dog or cat in the cabin, must be placed in a carrier with a maximum weight of 10kg (including the animal) and with a maximum size of 47 x 30 x 27 cm. The carrier must be well ventilated and must allow the animal to move easily. Each passenger can carry at most 1 animal. For each flight, they can not travel more than 4 animals. The rate applied is €40,00 each way.
For transport in the hold, however, the carrier must have a maximum size of 102x69x76. The carrier must also possess the legal requirements of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The maximum weight of the animal must be 75kg. Dogs and cats will stay in a specially-designed, heated, air-conditioned and pressurized hold area. The 60,00€ charge per way is applied.


Good news for those who want to fly with animals with Volotea. The company, in fact, accepts a dog or cat per passenger, for a maximum of 2 total animals, for each flight. When booking, you can check the number available.
The animal must be transported in a closed bag or container HOMOLOGATED, up to 50 x 40 x 20 cm. Animal and carrier can not exceed the total weight of 8kg.
The cost of the service is €39.00 per animal, per route, booking online and through the call center. At the airport, the piece is €60.00


Traveling with Vueling also means taking care of your animal friends. The airline, in fact, allows the transport of pets, on board the plane, between their legs or under their own chair. The animal must be placed in an approved non-rigid carrier (max 45x39x21 cm and 8 kg including the animal).
The following animals are allowed:
• Dogs
• Cats
• birds (excluding birds of prey)
• Fish
• Turtles

Instead, rodents, rabbits, skunks, poultry, birds of prey and reptiles are not allowed.
Keep in mind that on each flight can travel at most 2 animals. Once this limit is exceeded, the system will not allow you to make a reservation. On domestic flights, you pay €25,00, while on international flights and the Canary Islands, the cost is €40,00. It will be necessary to show up at the check-in desk on the day of the flight, to request the assignment of the seat.


Unfortunately, if you choose to travel with Wizz Air, you will have to do without your animal friends. The company, in fact, does not allow animals on board.
The only exception is represented by guide dogs.