October. Where to go and when to leave. Best month and time to avoid

October, the month of Autumn. The month in which, when summer is brought to a close, we return to everyday life. The return to work; the big cleanings …

October, however, is a month that can give great emotions to those who decide to travel during this period. Whether you want to do it for a few days, or for a long vacation. Here are the recommended destinations for those who want to leave this month.


Best Destination in October

The Top of October is undoubtedly Andalusia. Especially for those not interested in a holiday of sun and sea.

Seville, Costa del Sol, Malaga … pushing to the wonderful Granada. Really the choices are endless, especially if you were willing to take a trip on the road. In this month, you will avoid the summer heatwave, however taking advantage of rather high temperatures and bright days. Also, you will also avoid the chaos of July and August.


Undoubtedly, Europe is one of the ideal destinations in this period. You can start discovering the great capitals and cities of the Old Continent without suffering the sultriness of the summer months. Paris, eg. Or cities like Athens. You could take more than a day to admire the beauties of the Greek city. The beautiful Barcelona, in autumn even more suggestive. Andalusia: absolutely spectacular! Or, you could opt for France. A trip in The road on Route Des Grands Crus discovering the legendary Burgundian vineyards. Here, you can discover authentic pearls like Beaune or Dijon.

Fans of big events? So, you can not really miss a trip to Munich. The first week of October marks the end of the famous Oktoberfest. To Amsterdam, lovers of electronic music will be able to enjoy the Amsterdam Dance Event; as well as discovering a truly fascinating city. In Scotland, there are the highlands. You will discover fantastic realities like Edinburgh!

For sea lovers, anyone who is not allergic to cold water can discover Cyprus. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, it has quite hot temperatures. Especially in early October. Even Antalya in Turkey or Djerba in Tunisia are destinations to be taken into consideration. Away from the chaos, in the Balearic Islands, you can find a little known universe is beaten; an island with truly incredible artistic and cultural beauty. With a little luck, you may find temperatures above the 22 degrees.


October in Africa

On the African continent, the rainy season draws to a close. Who chose to leave in the first half of the month, in Atlantic Morocco will be able to find quite high temperatures and sunshine. On sunny days, a Fuerteventura, the mercury column exceeds the 25 degrees.

Those who wanted to start the second half of October can opt for the Red Sea. Destinations like the Egypt they are ideal during this period.


Prepare your suitcase and leave for New York. October is one of the ideal times to start discovering the Big Apple. With the summer, it is the months with the greatest number of tourists; however, compared to July and August, you will suffer less heat and heat. And, especially in this month, you will avoid the horde of tourists.

even the Texas It is an excellent solution. For example, beautiful cities like Dallas. Do not underestimate even the North America.


The United Arab Emirates are the ideal solution. The climate is not as hot as in August. You can sunbathe without risking to burn yourself and take a bath in the beautiful crystal clear waters. Discover the beautiful Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

You can leave at a time of Israel or Jordan. Or, plan a holiday in Kathmandu, in Nepal or start exploring southern China. This, in fact, is the period when the monsoon season draws to a close.


October in Oceania

In this period, in Australia, we are in full spring. We are sure that a trip to Sydney destination, Melbourne, Ayers Rockwill surely know how to give you incredible emotions. Not to mention, then, the Great Barrier Reef, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. An extraordinary show. September, October and November are the ideal months. with mild temperatures. You will avoid particularly hot summers and rainy winters.


Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico; these are two areas strongly characterized by hurricanes. There Thailand it is not recommended during this period because we are at the height of the typhoon season. And above all, for the recent events.