Traveling in the time of the Coronavirus. Practical guide and info

The virus is advancing. Needless to pretend nothing, nor to go around it.
While Carnival is celebrated almost everywhere, Italy is shrouded in fear.
Let’s not be alarmed. But let’s not underestimate the problem either.
Unfortunately, the infected are increasing. Fortunately, the percentage of deaths is limited.

For Italians, traveling in the time of the Coronavirus is a problem that should not be underestimated.
Both inbound and outbound.

Traveling in the time of the Coronavirus

Each country is gearing up by taking its own measures to contain the problem, leaving the contagion to remain as limited as possible.
But how to behave, having a trip in the immediate future? If, perhaps, you have booked many months in advance, waiting for a well-deserved rest.
Well, the civic sense should push everyone to find the right answer.
No one would think of organizing a trip to China during this period, let alone in the short term.

Traveling in the time of the coronavirus could turn into a nightmare, finding yourself in a sort of forced quarantine.
Before leaving, carefully evaluate the rules applied in the individual country. In some places, they are quite restrictive, providing a 14-day quarantine for those from certain areas.

Better not to fall. Better days will surely come.
In Italy, the Carnival of Venice and the historical one of Ivrea have been canceled. So let’s expect big celebrations for Easter. And, perhaps, we begin to keep some nickel for the summer holidays. Greece. Croatia. Balearic Islands. And of course Italy.