Travel that passion to discover best places and destinations worldwide

Travel that passion. We all love to travel, and the reasons that drive us to do so are all valid.

To explore places and cultures far away from us.
To relax, and switch off from hectic everyday life.
To go wild and dance among clubs and international disco. Or, for the entertainment of the little ones, between theme parks, and “family friendly” cities

The reasons are really many.

My friend Lello, for example, professes himself a lover of local traditions. His goals often coincide with big events related to food and beer. London, in May, on the occasion of the Food Festival. Copenhagen, in August, with the eponymous festival. Munich … well needless to underline the reasons. On the road, for Lello, there is only local cuisine. And it matters little if, after returning to Italy after two weeks of beer, bockwurst and German sauerkraut, he was in the clinic to detoxify himself!

Travel that passion

Travel that passion.
Because every journey is, in itself, fantastic. Every moment, from preparation to departure, is magnificent. Just look at it from the right perspective.

With friends, the partner and the family, you can argue before you start, on how and destination. Already before booking.
“You are crazy? They don’t talk about it at all. ” The first comments of his wife, or his friend Stingy on duty, which frustrates the intentions of a long vacation in a resort in the bud.
“In Thailand? What if we catch a disease? I know that there is the plague, in those parts “, could be, instead, the comment of your hypocondriac friend; just him, immediately ready to warn you about the outbreak of a global epidemic. The first, however, starting with you.

Then there is the departure phase. The one where you have forgotten something. It will certainly be an important thing, that your partner, or travel buddy, will not cease to remind you all the way.

Even the departure is beautiful, and should not be lived with the sadness and despair of a finished journey, or about to end. Because every journey enriches us. The journey offers emotions that we will carry inside forever. The memory of a place, of new friends …

Travel that passion.
The most important thing is to live the journey. Live it in first person, with your own eyes. The charm of the new. Of discovery. Of the moment.
Live the journey. Live every moment.
And not from a mobile phone screen.

From the travel diary of my friend Lello (yes, still he), two days at Disneyland. Here is a tome of 200 pages and 400 clicks. The son on the slide. The son on the slide while he stinks; while he raises his hand. The daughter on the slide while yawning; while he is pulling back his hair; while he smiles. The photo at the parking lot. Shoot Daddy while he is in line at the ticket office. Children at the entrance. First, the single photo of each one. Then, the next one in pairs. Then a third with the two sons and the mother. A fourth, with dad. A fifth, all together. A sixth, in which appears the Japanese who had taken the picture before …
Then, the first floor of the son.
“What balls daddy. But when are we going on a roller coaster? ”, It seems they are saying his eyes. At the end of the book there is even a two-hour DVD. I always refused to see it.
Because the beauty of travel is living it.

Travel that passion. Do it yourself. A sunset in Santorini, it is better to admire it live. There is no need for a mobile phone, nor to make a stupid video that you will keep in the memory of a phone and will hardly see again. It is your memory that needs to be fed. Because the memory can never be erased from your mind.

Travel that passion. Travel with Kanoa!