Music. Kanoa presents MetalLuis and best music festivals and events

Kanoa’s team gets bigger. Since the beginning of our project, we have tried to give a well defined imprint to our site. A place of encounter and discovery. A place that does not only contain information and content.

Kanoa is the continuous search for something new. It is the desire to know, to learn. On the other hand, it is what drives people to travel. And from this point of view, music re-enters. What would a life without music actually be?

Music is practically everywhere. There is no journey without music. Music accompanies us during our short or long car journeys. He accompanies us by train or plane, with our inevitable headphones.


We have treated, and will continue to treat, the best events and the most interesting concerts of electronic music, techno, edm, house, jazz, R&B and so on. There is no doubt, however, that the predilection of the undersigned is, of the same Andy D4rk0, both for international rock.

Here, then, the entry into the big family of a new member, Luigi, in art, MetalLuis. To him, the task of dealing with our Rock section, with the best concerts in Europe and in the rest of the world. From this point of view, 2017 was a really important year, both in Italy and in Europe. Memorable, this year, the performances of “sacred monsters” like Guns And Roses and Rolling Stones. And, of course, the great international concerts, such as, for example, Roskilde. In the field of rock, 2018 promises to be really interesting.

Of course, we will always have a careful and watchful eye on the places destined to host the great concerts and the most important events. With our unfailing practical guides to reach your destinations by public transport. And, of course, lots of practical info, timetables and ticket costs.

The “to see” section will expand with content dedicated to music, thanks to our friend’s decades of travel experience.