Goodbye Roaming form 15th June 2017. Roam like at home. Info, guide

The news was in the air and, today, it is finally reality. The roaming farewell is now done and represents a truly epochal turning point. Yesterday, the European Council approved the act that, starting from next June 15, will officially mark the farewell Roaming. From this date, the “Roam like at home” policy with which users will be able to use, in Europe, the same rates as their own country will start. In practice, you can use your tariff plan including calls and data traffic, as if you were in your own country.

A success and a recognition for consumers. A necessary turning point in a society where the theme of unity has become extremely important.

Goodbye Roaming

The roaming farewell is a blessing for all those people who, on holiday abroad, were forced to pay absurd and disproportionate amounts. Hands up if you haven’t found yourself abroad, at least once, with your phone credit drained; despite the attentions and concerns. Although there were very few phone calls.

Instead, there was someone who, like my friend Paco, brilliantly and wisely used his mind to … scrounge phone calls. Paco, a handsome and handsome Mediterranean boy, usually liked to pick up the most horrendous specimens of females during a vacation abroad. After getting into his graces (it wasn’t difficult, considering his beauty), he always managed to get the phone on loan, so as to scrounge a phone call to his mother. Well, actually he did it for a common cause. Paco’s mother would have contacted my mother, to reassure her that I was alive and in full health. Then, the ball would have passed to Andrea’s mother, and so on. When you say … a phone call extends your life.

There were also those who, as soon as they crossed national borders, went to the first existing center to buy a new phone card. From June 15, it will no longer be necessary, thanks to roaming farewell. Starting from this fateful date, all 28 member countries of the European Union will have to comply with the legislation. So, goodbye Roaming!!