F@amu2016. Sunday 09 October 2016 in the best italian museums

Also this year the traditional appointment with the National Family Day at the Museum is renewed, that is, the F@mu2016. It is a fantastic day, centered around families; it is to them, in fact, that museums and all exhibition spaces are addressed through a series of activities addressed to them.

There will be educational visits, games, riddles, crosswords and even treasure hunts. Prepare yourself, therefore, not to look bad with your children !!

The appointment is for Sunday 09 October. Many Italian museums and circuits join the initiative. One more opportunity to stay with loved ones and learn while having fun. The 2015 edition had an extraordinary response both from the point of view of membership and participation. The initiative is conceived by the Kids art tourism portal.


For the F@mu2016, there are around 800 accredited museums. On the official website, available from this link, you can find the list of all the circuits that adhere to the initiative. There is no better time than this to discover an area that is incredibly rich in art, culture and tradition. And above all, you can do it together with the little ones.

All the activities, in fact, will be prepared just for children and for the family. Unique activities and experiences to bring children closer to art and culture. You can enjoy the beauties of Italy with your family on a truly unique day. An unparalleled experience. Generally quiet and peaceful museums will literally be attacked by children’s voices; from the songs; from the stories ….

All the big cities have joined the F@mu2016: from Turin to Rome, passing through Milan, Florence and Naples. In some circumstances, “ad hoc” initiatives are planned. This is the case in Milan and the Homo Sapiens exhibition.

This year, the theme of the day will be “Games and competitions at the museum, the museum as a gym of the mind”; is a tribute to the Olympic games. The opening ceremony of this edition will be held at the Archaeological Museum of Florence.

So take advantage of this fantastic day too. Sunday 09 October 2016, go to F@mu2016 en masse