Best Photographic destinations 2017. For truly unique shots worldwide

In an age where smartphones represent, for many, almost a second skin; while social networks are becoming more and more popular, and everybody is looking for FRENETICS of followers, likes, sharing ….. almost all of us feel like photographers. Everyone, intent on displaying their own (in) photographic abilities. Always looking for the best shots. Of suggestive places that can fascinate.

Moreover, the photos have always been a must for the trip. Once, we ventured on a traveling camera. Today there are always fewer cameras available. Thanks to the new and powerful smartphones, you can take endless photos. Choose the best ones. Use photographic filters. Effect functions.

Best Photographic destinations 2017

Whether you are skilled or not. Professionals, enthusiasts, onlookers. For you, even this year Forbes has compiled the annual World’s Best Destinations For Travel Photography ranking. In other words, the famous American magazine, founded in 1917, has declared the Best photo destinations 2017. Unique and enchanting places where you can take pictures that will leave everyone speechless. Ten incredible places, chosen for their particularity, absolutely unique and incredible colors and the natural and uncontaminated aspect.

It starts from Norway, with dozens of incredible and suggestive places for incredible shots. With your legs dangling, get ready to capture the unique and non-transferable colors of the fjord. In Dubai, you can capture the impressive architecture of the city and buildings in a truly unique context; an absolutely unique skyline. Forget the Hawaii and sea association. Only here, you will find a unique context made of volcanoes, sea and a sculpture in constant change of light, water and color. For your shots, we recommend using slow shutter speeds.

Borneo is the third largest island in the world. In its rainforest, you will find numerous animal species of which, different, endangered. Three days a year, the Sultan of Brunei opens its splendid residence to the public. For those who, on the other hand, were looking for thrills and unique shots, it is enough to enter the wonderful and varied forest.

Vermont also reserves pleasant photographic surprises, with nature and historic cities such as Stowe and Middlebury. In the Top 10 of the best photo destinations 2017, there is Croatia with its beautiful Dalmatian coast; Great pictures of historic cities like Dubrovnik await you. The Barrier Reef needs no introduction. From the top you can take the best photos. If you had the chance, arm yourself with a camera and drone for truly unique and suggestive photos.

After the World Cup and the Olympics, this is the best time to go to Brazil and Rio de Janeiro. Far from the confusion and with more affordable prices. The Statue of Christ the Redeemer, at sunrise or sunset, is the best you can photograph. The likes and followers will certainly arrive. There are, however, other magical places, ideal for your shots. The Iguazu Falls or the Pantanal; the historic colonial cities of Olinda, Tiradentes, and Salvador. You really are spoiled for choice.

China, with the “Golden Triangle” represents an ideal place for your shots. There are the beautiful landscapes around the city of Guilin, and, above all, the Zhangjiajie forests that inspired the movie Avatar. Right in this place, you will find an impressive and incredible glass bridge. For even more unique shots, try the rice fields of Longji and Yuanyang; here, water and light come together like nowhere else in the world!

The list of Best Photo Destinations 2017 in Forbes, Iceland closes. The place that every abstract photographer dreams of, with his wonderful landscapes; its unique and incredible colors; the truly unique combination of glaciers and volcanoes. And, of course, the ever-present snap with the sun going down before dusk.

So, pack your bags and your ever-present camera. The Best Photographic destinations 2017, await you