Best destinations 2019. The cities of the world voted by all travelers

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life, because in London you find all that life can offer.” This is what Samuel Johnson mentioned.

London is a lively, dynamic, intercultural city. A place that everyone loves and would like to visit at least once in their life. Or maybe come back.

London, at the top of the best destinations 2019. At least according to the results indicated by TripAdvisor. The popular restaurant, hotel and tourist review site, in fact, announced its Travelers’ Choice Destinations Awards, also this year. To be awarded, in fact, the best 2019 destinations around the world.

Best destinations 2019

The ranking was obtained by combining, first of all, reviews and scores of hotels, attractions and restaurants around the world, in the last 12 months. An algorithm then proceeded to put together the quality and quantity of these reviews, and the interest of travelers for reservations.

Podium and Top 10 almost confirmed, compared to last year’s results. Rome, confirms third place. Paris, which turned out to be the best destination in 2018 last year, alternates with London in the first two places. Dubai, instead, enters the Top 10, to the detriment of New York City.
Also this year, the results clearly reward the destinations of the Old Continent. All European podium, and 60% of Old Continent cities in the top 10

Below is the Top 25 Tripadvisor of the best destinations 2019:

25 Tel Aviv, Israel
24 Sydney, Australia.
23 Cusco, Peru.
22 Hong Kong, China.
21 Hurghada, Egypt.
20 Jaipur, India
19 Kathmandu, Nepal.
18 Lisbon, Portugal.
17 Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
16 Tokyo, Japan.
15 Hanoi, Vietnam.
14 Jamaica.
13 New York City, New York.
12 Siem Reap, Cambodia.
11 Prague, Czech Republic.


10 Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
09 Marrakech, Morocco.
08 Istanbul, Turkey.
07 Barcelona, ​​Spain.
06 Phuket, Thailand.
05 Bali, Indonesia.
04 Crete, Greece.
03 Rome, Italy.
02 Paris, France.
01 London, Kingdom.