Best 2019 Museums: Orsay, Memorial 11 September, Metropolitan & more

Museums of the world. Wonderful places, full of charm, history, culture and tradition. Extraordinary places that preserve wonderful masterpieces. Real icons of every place. Metropolitan Museum, Hermitage, Orsay Museum, Acropolis Museum, Louvre, British, Prado … A truly impressive list.

What are the best 2018 museums?

Answering is practically impossible. Especially when it comes to big museums, and big cities. This is not the case of Tripadvisor, a popular review site that has compiled the ranking of the best 2019 Museums, putting together the opinions of all its users.
The reviews of the last 365 days were collected on the portal, based on quality and quantity.
Based on the many opinions, the 2019 Travelers’ Choice Museums has been compiled, that is, the Ranking of the Best 2019 Museums from all over the world.

As mentioned, the user reviews are based on the ranking. And, as such, the results must be analyzed, because, often, reviews are contradictory and, above all, depend on subjective judgment and personal tastes.

Without prejudice to the premise, the ranking rewards the Musée d’Orsayparticularly appreciated for the extraordinary, and unusual, location. Is this really the most beautiful museum in the world? Of course, it’s a place worth spending half a day in Paris. Often, it is less advertised than the Louvre, but it is really a great museum!

Scale positions, compared to the 2017, the splendid September 11 Memorial Museum, symbol of New York City. A place full of suggestion and emotion. And it is still New York to host the third classified of the Best Museums 2018: the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. A fairly unexpected news, given that the MET was permanently in first place in previous years. However, we are talking about the Top of the museum structures. At the base of the success, in addition to the rich offer, the extraordinary location and a truly wonderful Skyline.

Top 25 Best 2019 Museums

Best 2019 Museums

25 Pinacoteca do Estado, Sao Paulo (Brazil).
24 Holocaust Memorial Monument Bad Vashem, Jerusalem (Israel).
23 Gold Museum, Bogota (Colombia).
22 Museum of the Warriors and Terracotta Horses of Qin, Xi’an (China).
21 Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, Phnom Penh (Cambodia).
20 Larco Museum, Lima (Peru).
19 Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington (New Zealand).
18 Egyptian Museum, Turin (Italy).
17 Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago (United States).
16 Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (Netherlands).
15 Winter Palace and Hermitage, St. Petersburg (Russia).
14 Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
13 Uffizi Gallery, Florence (Italy).
12 Vasa Museum, Stockholm (Sweden).

10 War Remnants Museum, Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam).
09 Museo Nacional de Antropologia, Mexico City (Mexico).
08 National Museum of the Second World War, New Orleans (United States of America).
07 Louvre, Paris (France).
06 Acropolis Museum – Athens (Greece).
05 Prado – Madrid (Spain).
04 British Museum, London (United Kingdom).
03 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City (United States of America).
02 Memorial for the 11 September, New York City (United States of America).
01 Musée d’Orsay, Paris (France).