ACI Europe Award 2017. Best airport in category 5-10 millions passengers

On June 13, 2017, the awarding of the ACI Europe Award (Airport Council International) took place in Paris. During the annual meeting, the best airport in the 5-10 million passenger category was awarded.

This year, the prestigious award went to Naples-Capodichino airport, “for having contributed to the improvement of the passenger experience and the enhancement of the artistic-cultural assets of the Region, and for the incentive given to the promotion and enhancement of tourism by territory”

ACI Europe Award 2017

In this regard, the archaeological itinerary, inaugurated in March 2017, represents something truly unique. Enough to be emulated, shortly, also from the Rome airport.

The path, open to all, displays certified original sculptures in the arrivals and departures area of ​​the airport. These are pieces released for the first time from the rooms of the National Archaeological Museum, or from the museum of Capua. The pieces are put on display just like in a museum. So you can admire the original statues of Triptolemus and Urania granted by the two museums.

A very interesting experiment, which has received many acclaim. Today, with the recognition of the ACI Europe Award, we can claim that the Naples levy has started. A city, unjustly, long mistreated and poorly considered.

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