Grand Place Vevey, in Switzerland. What to do and see

Place du Marché, also known as Grand Place, It is a huge square, located in the center of Vevey, a beautiful Swiss town.

With its 17000 square meters, it is one of the largest open squares in all of Europe. Wide, and particularly impressive, with its lake view, and all surrounded by mountains.
Around, beautiful buildings, museums and theaters.

In this beautiful setting, you can run on Tuesdays and Saturdays, among the various stands set up in this square. A market out of the ordinary.
In fact, throughout the year, you will find many stalls set up, in one side of the square, where la Grenette is located, the ancient covered market of Vevey. Built in the classical style 1808 with black marble columns, it has been included among the cultural heritage of national importance. Today, it houses the Tourist Office. The market, instead, takes place in the square, on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

You will find really many products of all kinds. On Saturday, in particular, is the day dedicated to the flea market. In July and August, however, the area hosts the large folk market. In a true festive atmosphere, locals and people do not meet up to taste typical products and delicious wines of the region. And, staying on the subject of wine, every year around 25, here is host to a world-famous event: the Fete des Vignerons.



Place-du-Marché - Grand Place Vevey

Photo ©, Ji-Elle

Grand Place Vevey is located in the city center, easily accessible on foot and by public transport.
Just a few minutes away, you will find the Vevey-Marché (lac) ferry terminal. With city buses, just go down the 201 and 202 lines at the Vevey-Ronjat stop.


The folklore market takes place exclusively during the Saturdays of July and August, from the 10:00 to the 13:00.
During the year, the Saturday flea market, and the Tuesday market, observe almost the same hours. The stalls of the Gran Place, however, can already be opened by 09:00, especially in spring and autumn.