Boarding. How was the procedure, once, with Low cost airlines

Those who are used to traveling with Low Cost companies, will have the apocalyptic scenes embarked well in mind.

We arrived at the airport. A quick glance to know the number of the Gate and, running, to the check-in desk. Then, it was time for checks. Resignedly, people went to the metal detector. Many, cursing to have the wrong line. Others, forced to strip themselves of any object and garment. There were those who walked without shoes and socks; those who, on the other hand, cried when they saw their hand luggage, literally raped by security agents. Husbands who cursed their wives, guilty of wearing too many jewels. Wives who cursed their husbands because they were too slow.


Then …. the highlight came. The embarkation.

The moment of embarkation was something unique and imaginable. Sometimes, the scenes were almost apocalyptic. Endless Indian files. People who pretended to be ill. Others, capable of even inventing teleportation.

Everything, just to move on. Because once upon a time there was only one rule: those who arrive late, stay ill. No seat assigned on the plane. All against all. And sometimes it even happened that travelers were sorted on two different shuttles. In that case, it became a formula one challenge, with travelers calling the shuttle driver to overtake on the runway.

Once on board, the ever-present “glorious head” that had first arrived aboard, began to mark the territory. For all your group.

“You go ahead. Take a run and block places for everyone” his friends would have said just before.

And the glorious head, like a good pack leader, would not have pulled back. Once the suitcase was opened by hand, he would start putting the contents of it on each seat. Therefore, it happened to get on the plane and find seats occupied by books, jackets, sweaters, garters, bras.

This was what happened up until a few years ago, flying with EasyJet, RyanAir and many Low-Cost companies. Today, the situation has changed. Fortunately, for the better. After checking in, you automatically get your assigned seat. The downside is cost. In fact, the service is not free. With our tips, however, it could be. From this link, we explain how you can do it.