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According to a survey, the most anxious people who book an air flight, are tormented by one thing: the seat. In fact, the concern concerns, not only, the most apprehensive individuals. Those traveling with their family, children, partner or friends, undoubtedly, would like to have a seat nearby.

That said, today, fortunately, the indecorous scenes at the embarking, which was witnessed until a few years ago, are practically finished. Companies like EasyJet and RyanAir, offer the possibility to choose a seat, paying a surcharge. In some cases, costs vary even according to type: first row; more space for the legs … The seat is, in any case, assigned as soon as you check-in. The assignment is automatic by the system. This means that, on your boarding pass, the row and the seat number will already be indicated.

Check in online

Those who want to be sure of 100% to sit next to their travel companions, will necessarily have to buy seats. But is it really like that?

Not entirely. Following some practical advice, the probability of sitting near is really very high. It’s just a matter of time and speed.

Let’s start from an assumption. Those who usually book with Low Cost companies, look for maximum savings. Avoiding unnecessary costs and, if possible, minimizing hold baggage. The percentage of those who buy seats is still quite low. And here comes the timing.

As mentioned, when you check in online, the system automatically assigns seats on your boarding passes. It is not guaranteed to 100%, but, by experience not only direct, it is now well established that the system automatically assigns the places close to all the travelers of the same reservation. If you wait for the exact moment when you open the online check-in, you will very likely be assigned seats nearby.

We, however, from Kanoa Voyage, have another tip to give you. Try to make a seat reservation a few hours before you open the online check-in. In this way, you can get an idea of ​​how many places are still available before they are automatically assigned.

Ryanair, in fact we check in, is the most difficult company. If you have not purchased your seat, you can only check in online 4 days before departure. In this case, just follow the previous board, and check the free seats, a few hours before the opening.

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