Getting around Heidelberg By public transpor, taxi, bike and on foo. Info

Getting around Heidelberg

For the splendid historical center, you only move on foot. The bike remains a fairly popular vehicle in the city, like comfortable taxis. The city also boasts an efficient public transport system, active all day. Getting around Heidelberg couldn’t be easier.


The “two-wheeler” is one of the favorite vehicles of the inhabitants and the Germans. With just a couple of euros, you can secure a bicycle for an hour. You can rent it at one of the many kiosks in the city, including the railway station.
After use, you can leave your bike in one of the Heidelberg kiosks.
During the weekend, and in more tourist areas such as Bismarckplatz, it may be more difficult to find availability.

Getting around Heidelberg


Comfortable and efficient, taxis go around the city, allowing travel at not too cheap costs.
Taxis are easily identified by the sign, the license and the taximeter clearly visible. Generally, they apply a starting fee of 2.80 €, to which we must add the cost of 2.50 € for each kilometer made.


Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr (RNV) is a company that deals with transport within many cities in the Rhine-Neckar area, including Heidelberg.
Throughout the region, about 180 buses are operating, and as many trams.
Modern and efficient, they allow you to move quickly and comfortably in Heidelberg.
Bismarckplatz, in the center, and the HBF railway station, are the two crucial junctions of the city connection. Numerous city lines pass through here.

After midnight, the so-called “Moonliners” is active, which operates during the night with runs every hour.


The ticket price (eTarif) for a one-way trip depends on the distance between origin and destination. The basic cost of 1.30€ applies, to which is added 0.20€ for each kilometer line between. A trip from Bismarckplatz to Heidelberg HBF, for example, costs €1.70.
Tages-Karte is a day ticket that allows you to make unlimited journeys on public transport in Heidelberg, for the entire validation day. It costs €7.00 per person. For those who want to move to Heidelberg on a frequent basis, for 3 days, the 3-Tages-Karte pass is available. Allows you to make unlimited travel for 3 consecutive days at a cost of €17.00 per person.

Tickets can be purchased on board the buses, at the stores in the city that display the NRV company brand, online and through the official app.
Always remember to validate your ticket before the trip, in order not to incur a penalty of 60€.


The solution that combines transport and city attractions. It is available in different cuts, depending on the duration, from 1 to 4 days. Includes a trip on the railway funicular to the Castle. The 1-day version costs €17.00; 2 days, 19.00€; 4 days, 21.00€. You can also buy the Family Card, at a cost of €40.00, valid for two adults and up to 3 children under the age of 16. Valid for one day, until midnight.

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