April. Guide and info on the best, and worst, destinations of the month

Christmas with your family … and Easter with whomever you want. If the claim is still valid, April is the ideal time to take a trip. Both short and long.


Top Destinations April

Few doubts about the Top destination of the month. It is not just for the climate that we invite you to choose to spend your next holiday in Seville. In fact, Semana Santa and Feria de Abril are the two extraordinary international events taking place during this month.
The rather pleasant temperatures are a wedding invitation for a trip to this wonderful destination that, for the occasion, dresses up in a mix of lights, colors and flavors.


Everywhere is spring time. This is the ideal month to explore the Mediterranean destinations, avoiding the crush and the crush of summer. Greece, for example, and the island of Malta, are particularly suitable for a holiday dedicated to art and nature.
Elements that you find, perfectly, during a trip to Malaga, Granada and other beautiful Andalusian destinations.
In spring, you can discover the wonderful Loire, or alternatively, take a wonderful road trip in Transylvania.


April in Japan

If you are planning a trip to Japan, the beginning of spring is one of the best times. The precipitations are rather scarce and the climate really pleasant, never too hot or too cold.
A vacation not only spiritual, in which to admire an entire culture and, above all, the spectacle of cherry blossoms.
The mystery and magic of Petra. Amman, a place steeped in history, where modernity and tradition go hand in hand. In April, Jordan is a great destination in Asia. Like Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Here, both in Spring and in Autumn, you can avoid unpleasant high temperatures.


April and, generally the spring period, are ideal for a tour to discover distant cultures. This is the ideal time to visit Morocco and the beautiful Namibia, to admire its wonderful lunar landscapes, and for fantastic safaris.
The temperatures are ideal for visiting Egypt, the land of Pharaohs and deserts. Obviously, always keep an eye on any political tensions with the country of origin!

The Seychelles have always been one of the most popular honeymoon destinations. Ideal for a romantic getaway. April, represents one of the best months to visit this charming archipelago, in the Indian Ocean. In this period, you will avoid the strong winds of July and August.


April When and Where

The Far West. Country culture and music. Cowboys and ranches. The great prairies. If you have the most rural image of America in mind, our top destination is Texas. A wonderful journey, to travel on the road, between nature, landscapes, and big cities. In this month, rainfall is rare and the heat is not hot.

Chile, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Uruguay. If you have planned a trip in the near future, in one of these splendid destinations, April is the right month. From May to October, in fact, the rainy season looms, often in the form of violent downpours.

In Oceania, Tasmania is one of the best destinations of the month. Even in Australia and New Zealand you might think about organizing a vacation, with prices slightly below average. Temperatures, almost everywhere, are excellent, with little rainfall, and long sunny days.


In Africa, to avoid absolutely, in this month, a trip to Tanzania, Kenya and, above all, Zanzibar, due to the continuous tropical rains, often really strong.
In Oceania, to avoid the Fiji.
In Indonesia, and particularly in the south with Bali, this is still the wet season, characterized by heavy rains. It would be better to organize the holiday in late May.