Roman Walls of Lugo. How to arrive. Info, guide, what to do and see.

A unique and exceptional example of Roman military fortifications. This is the main reason that led UNESCO to declare the Roman Walls Lugo, a world heritage site.

Dating back to the third century, they were built to defend the heart of ancient Lucus August, from attacks by barbarians. The exceptional and unique nature of this site must be traced, above all, to the perfect state of preservation. No city in all of Europe can boast a similar architectural construction. The Roman Walls of Lugo surround the historic center for over 2 kilometers; they have a thickness of over 4 meters and a height of between 8 and 12 meters.

Along the perimeter, there are 10 doors. Half of them date back to Roman times, while the remaining 5 were added in 1853. Porta Falsa and Porta Miña are the best preserved. Of the more than 70 towers along the route, 49 are still intact. It is possible to climb along the walls, for a fantastic and suggestive walk, thanks to the presence of five stairs and a ramp.

Since 1921 the Roman Walls of Lugo have been declared the Cultural Heritage of Spain.

Lugo, is a beautiful city in Galicia, a must for all the faithful and tourists traveling along the beautiful and evocative Camino de Santiago.

Roman Walls of Lugo

Photo ©, Rosa Cabecinhas & Alcino Cunha (Rosino)


The city is located just under 100 kilometers east of Santiago de Compostela. From the latter, it is possible to reach Lugo by train, calling at Ourense-Empalme. The average journey time is about 3 and a half hours, but there are faster solutions that lead to destination in about 150 ‘. The ticket starts at € 17.38 depending on availability