Poenari Fortress, the real dracula castle in Transylvania. What to see, info

Transylvania and the timeless charm of Dracula. A combination of great impact for the collective imagination. The myth of Dracula is indissolubly linked to Romania and Transylvania. Here, then, because one cannot remain indifferent to the call of Vlad Tepes.

Bran Castle, is the most touristic and known place. The Fortress of Poenari, on the other hand, is considered by many to be the real Castle of Dracula. Here, because, those who want to put themselves in the footsteps of the famous Vlad Ţepeş, cannot help but visit the Fortress of Poenari. Or at least what remains of it.

The castle was built in the 13th century. After falling into disrepair, he was refurbished by Vlad III of Wallachia, the character that inspired the myth of Dracula. Although today it may be a ruin, the place is truly magical and evocative. You will have to climb almost 1500 steps to reach the Fortress of Poenari. The effort, however, is rewarded by the magic of the place and the absolutely fantastic view.

Poenari Fortress



Bucharest is the starting point for reaching the Poenari Fortress. Of course, the only way to get there is by car. If you land in Bucharest, you can rent a car, directly at the airport. Otherwise, if you are leaving from the center of Bucharest, you will find numerous local agencies.

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From Bucharest, you have to travel about 180 kilometers to get to your destination. Just over half, you can follow it on a motorway section.

Follow the signs for Pitesti and then Curtea de Argeş, the oldest city in Romania. The Fortress of Poenari, is located about 30 kilometers to the north. The road is not the best, and we must proceed with extreme caution.

The indications for Poenari, along the way, are not lacking.


Leaving the car, there are almost 1500 steps to take to reach the Fortress. The path is not steep, but it is not for everyone. If you are lazy, you should give up.

Go up through the woods and the thick vegetation. So even in the height of summer, you won’t have to deal with the sun that beats. Take several breaks and, of course, don’t forget to bring water with you.


Only ruins and some walls are visible from the castle. Not for this reason it is not worth getting up here. Rather. The atmosphere is almost surreal. The view, nothing short of magnificent. From here, it seems to be really in another world. And, the reason why Vlad built his impregnable fortress right up here is very easily explained. Truly a magical and evocative place.