Monastir Yuso y Suso, the monasteries along the Way of Saint James

San Millán de la Cogolla, is a small town in the Spanish Autonomous Community of La Rioja. In this area, incredibly rich in monasteries, it is possible to visit particularly suggestive buildings, many of which are immersed in nature.

Among these, the Monastir Yuso y Suso, two authentic architectural masterpieces, declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1997 stand out.

The Monastery of Suso is the oldest of the two; probably, it is the oldest of the whole Iberian peninsula. Founded by San Millán in the 5th century, it still preserves traces of the passage of different civilizations over the centuries. Thus, the Visigothic, Mozarabic and Romanesque features are visible. The importance of Suso also lies in the fact that right here the first traces of the Spanish language are preserved; these are the so-called Glosas Emilianenses, notes in the margin of a Latin text. According to tradition, in the sepulcher of the cloister, the seven children of Lara were buried. It was in this monastery that the Spanish poet Gonzalo de Berceo received his first education.

Monastir Yuso y Suso


It is COMPULSORY to reserve to access the Monastery. You have to call or send a fax to the Oficina de Información y Turismo: + 34 941 373 082.
You CANNOT log in with your car. The same MUST be left at the free parking of the Central de Reservas, about 2 km away. A bus leaves every 30′ for Suso.

PRICES: €4.00. Includes guided tour.

SUMMER HOURS (from Holy Week to September): 09:55-13:25 and 15:55-17:55
WINTER TIMETABLE (from October to Holy Week): 09:55-13:25 and 15:55-17:25.
Open every day, from Tuesday to Sunday. Closed on Monday.

When the relics of San Millán were transferred to the monastery of Santa María la Real, the oxen that pulled the cart suddenly stopped. They remained incredibly still, without anyone being able to get them to continue. King García Sánchez interpreted the fact as a sign and that was how Yuso arose in this place.

A story, a myth or a legend, the Monastery of Yuso of San Millán de la Cogolla is undoubtedly a beautiful place of worship; a church and a sacristy of the XVI century and many interior elements worthy of note. Certainly, the library, one of the most important in Spain, is the highlight; in particular, for the value and antiquity of the documents that are kept there.

Unlike Suso, no reservation is required to visit the Monastery of Yuso.

PRICES: full ticket €7.00; reduced for groups of 20 or more, €4.50. Up to 15 years, you pay € 3.00. Free up to 7 years. The pilgrims, with accreditation, pay the discounted rate of €4.00.

SUMMER HOURS (from Holy Week to September): 10:00-13:30 and 16:00-18:30
WINTER TIMETABLE (from October to Holy Week): 10:00-13:00 and 15:30-17:30
Open every day, from Tuesday to Sunday. Closed on Monday. Closed on Sunday afternoon in winter.

For all the info and updates, you can refer to the official finger, available at this link. The Monastir Yuso y Suso, are located less than ten kilometers from the Cammino Francés route, through the town of Cirueña. They represent an unmissable appointment along the Camino de Santiago …. not only for pilgrims. Bon voyage for Monastir Yuso y Suso