Favignana Sensations. The best sunsets, aperitifs and granitas on island

Colors. Perfumes. Flavors. Incredible glimpses. Breathtaking views. A thunderbolt island. A truly magical and evocative place to spend your holidays. An enchanted land, with a rather singular shape, similar to a butterfly. All in just 19 square kilometers. As many as the surface of the whole island.

Favignana is not only sun, sea and spectacular caves.

Favignana Sensations

Favignana Sensations is love at first sight. Truly unique sensations.
It is sipping a drink, admiring its wonderful views and its unique coves. Or maybe a delicious granita. Because, here, we are still in Sicily and, in these parts, the granita is a ritual. Not just for Sicilians.

Try a trip to the Lemon Bar, on the eastern side of the island, near the wonderful Bue Marino Beach. A good authentic lemon granita is the ideal after a dip in the sea. Or for a break. The view here is absolutely fantastic. Furthermore, La Cala is accessible with little difficulty.

The renowned Cala Rossa Beach, on the other hand, is 5 minutes away from here. If you have a peckish, right here is Robertino (sorry for the rhyme!). Really delicious sandwiches, great prices and fantastic location. What more could you ask for a perfect Favignana Sensations?


Lemon Bar and Bue Marino Beach are located on the Corso di Favignana municipal road. The best way to arrive, from the center of Favignana, is by scooter or bike, in our opinion the best way to get around the island.
Those wishing to use the means of transport can use Line 1, departing from the Lungomare Duilio. You have to get off at the Villa Margherita stop and continue for about 15 minutes on foot. The ticket for the single journey costs € 1.10. The buses, in July and August, operate from 08:10 to 19:15 with frequencies ranging from 40 to 60 ’.